As we transition from one to another.

Now is the time I feel best to begin discussing my Thursday night gaming. It has become a tradition that began with my own homebrew system. As we took breaks from that I wished to run a fantasy adventure, but as I dislike “Dungeons & Dragons” with an intensity, I decided to run a Conan campaign. The rules were similar and true enough both games played very close. Too close actually. So we had a decent short campaign and went back to the homebrew.

Eventually my mind began to drift back to what is possibly my first love: superheroes. Not wanting to half-ass it, And having plenty of time, I began doing research and found that the game that most suited me was “Mutants & Masterminds”. The surprising thing, at least to me, is that M&M is an offshoot of D&D, but with only the basic core mechanics of the D20 system left intact. Upon reading the book I was struck at how simple, fast, and effective the rules were. This was not a D&D product, it was D&D without the bullshit.

I began quizzing my players and working out the rules, eventually I felt I had a strong enough grasp to run a campaign. It began with three players, soon blossoming out to six. It was fun,but midway through the first “year” I realized I had made some initial errors resulting in unbalanced play and god-like heroes. The only way to fix this would be a complete restart, so I began racing for ‘the end’.

I introduced a plot line that involved an Armageddon scenario and then began quizzing my players once again for their new characters. We have progressed well, a new power limit is set, and everyone is in the proper frame of mind.

And then my brain changed priorities on me and I have decided to run a fantasy setting again.Luckily I also possess the “Warriors & Warlocks” setting book for M&M which has helped me be inspired.

It began as I was playing “Brutal Legend”, I had the idea for a ancient world heavily inspired by over the top myths. Since everyone had already made characters I decided it would only be a filler campaign; I took a quick survey, asking the players what they would want to be if there were no limits. I then took their ideas and molded them to fit the game world.

One player wanted to be a vampire, so i created a vampire mythos. Another wanted to be a ‘cyber barbarian’, i dropped the cyber bit. And another wanted to be a witch, I made that one an alchemical healer who lives in the woods. I took the same approach to all the players and shall soon begin the new campaign as a ‘one-shot’.

I will return to let you know how it went.


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