In Which We Begin Our Adventure

Since my last post on this topic my group has met twice and achieved little, but some, success.

It began with Captain Marcus leading a squad of nearly fifty of the ‘free men’, gray cloaked soldiers for hire, towards an ancient kingdom situated against an important mountain pass. This kingdom has been charged with holding back the mountain tribes and keeping the rest of he land safe. The kingdom’s name is ultimately unimportant, the name of the land is Britaia.

Britaia is named so after the tribe of Britaia founded when the nine tribes broke allegiance and set out to form their own societies. There were also the tribes of Shadow, Nordith, Moro, and five others.

The kingdom in question has recently lost it’s king. His son, a young but noble man (Think Faramir and you are about there, read the book and your closer) who took his fathers crown and name. All kings in this kingdom take the previous rulers name, which is Triumphant. Upon meeting the members of the free men and the extra traveled brought along, the king sent them on a mission.A small town that had requested aid from bandits. The troops he sent had not returned. The king needed an update.

Among the people chosen to go were Captain Marcus, For Tu (good old fashioned soldier name), Drakkor (was unaware that it was a cologne), A serious female stranger, A young female wizard, and two of the kings men for legitimacy (the NPCs Kib & Carmine).

The group easily made their way to the town but found it less then lively an the mayor suspicious. Further checking showed what appeared to be barbarians in the store house and a trap in the inn. For Tu went in alone to spring the trap, unknown to the others, aside from the stranger who followed him.

The rest of the group braced the mayor who proved to be an enemy agent. The Captain killed the faux mayor and took hostages before burning down the inn to eliminate the trap. At this time the location of For Tu and the stranger is unknown.

The group quickly raced back to the city with the knowledge that enemy agents planned to attack. Nearing the city they saw legions of the enemy closing in on the main entrance to town. Quickly they used an old and disused series of tunnels to sneak into town via the well.

A siege is neigh.

*This is an experiment. I was asked to write of my RPG sessions. Any suggestions on ways to improve this are welcome.


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