In Which a City Begins to Decend

As this past session began we focused on the two errant players from last time: For Tu the wandering ninja, and the female Stranger.

For Tu found his attempts at infiltration foiled and was forced to fight his way out of the inn, however as he was on the second floor it was necessary for him to leap out and down to the ground. Once there he found the Stranger waiting on her horse and a small band of savages approaching. Without time to warn the others they took off deep into the Forrest while being pursued.

Thanks to the Stranger’s superior skills and her horse’s amazing breeding they were quickly able to leave the savages behind and begin a trek back to the city. As they neared their goal they realized they had emerged to the north of the town and wee witness to a large band of warriors manning catapults. As the catapults fired we switched to the group inside the walls.

Having warned the King of the cities doom the group had split into different directions to help with the defense initiative. This did little as the city was bombarded by a volley of exploding, flaming canon balls. Each member had to react quickly or die in a combustible manner. All succeed except for Captain Marcus who received burning judgment directly on his face.

The remaining group massed together with the king who took them up on the walls to survey the situation. Upon seeing the trap laid out for them, a massive army to the south and a division of siege machines to the north, the king took the wizard aside and explained a few things.

He told her that his people had to become strong only when they lost their own council of wizards and the magic warriors they had left behind. The king explained that the massive suit of armor behind the throne was in fact a steel golem crafted by the ancient wizards. Realizing that the kingdom needed assistance in this endeavor the wizard began an attempt to restore the golem. She was shocked by the complexity of the ancient device but soon had it up and running.

With this added assistance the king brought the heroes together with the intention of sending them out as a stealth operation to destroy the catapults, hoping this will buy him time to stop the advancing army to the south.

None of them are aware that For Tu and the Stranger have infiltrated the enemy camp and found its true leader: a wizard hiding his face with a silver mask in the form of a skull.


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