A Discussion on “Edge of Darkness”

Mel’s Gibson’s latest movie, “Edge of Darkness” is not what the trailers make it out to be. I went in expecting an action packed, depressing, rip off of “Taken”

This is not what I received. The movie I saw was very slow and dialogue heavy. It featured crisp cinematography, stoic acting, a hidden plot, and was soaked in darkness.

This, my fare readers, was noir. And it was good.

This is a movie that does not pander, it reveals information only as it would be discovered in a real setting. You learn peoples names only if they are introduced, you solve mysteries if you catch the clues. It is literally done as if the viewer was dropped immediately into the world of the movie.

Mel Gibson himself does not play on his charming image, only a couple times does this persona sneak out. He has no reason to release it, his daughter has died. Instead he plays it straight, showing his emotion through action or moments of reflection. You like him, because you see the real.

As good as he is, he is lost against Ray Winstone who stole the movie for me. Both are men who you feel are remarkable similar, and might be friends if the movie wasn’t happening.

Not all is golden here; the pacing could have been tighter and from my readings the plot doesn’t live up to the epic nature of the show it was based upon. This is not to say the plot is bad, nor the movie confusing. But at the end you will realize two hours have gone by.

But it will be a good two hours.


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