In Which Explosives are Discovered

As we rejoin our faithful heroes once again we find them divided, and unknowingly executing a two pronged attack on the north part of a two pronged attack on the city.

Inside the city walls the king has informed the wizard that her group is to take a secret exit and maneuver into the enemy camp. Their goal is the sabotage/destruction of the siege weapons. To facilitate this the king will release a division of his own troops to attack the siege camp and draw out it’s troops. The group quickly made it out of the city and into the tree line.

At this point the witch tripped on a rock, shouted an explicative, and began descending the hill at a rate father then warranted. This drew the attention of a patrolling squad of savages. Making the best of the situation the wizard obscured the area the witch had fallen into while the golem and barbarian raced into battle.

As this raged on, down below For Tu and the stranger placed an explosive cannonball right beside the enemy wizards tent in an effort to slay the secret leader of the opposition. They lit the device and ran, managing to escape the blast radius. Up on the hill the fighting was quick, savage, and bloody, but in the end the heroes stood victorious. Before they could celebrate the city gate opened and the king loosed his diversion, a split second later an explosion rocked the camp. The heroes raced in to destroy the siege machines.

The explosion was vicious but the silver masked villain stood, apparently unharmed, but on fire. Despite For Tu’s protests the stranger quickly hurled a spear at the evil one striking him in the heart. She then ran off leaving For Tu to fend for himself. He attempted a bluff but a small group of warriors began chase.

As the other group neared the weapons they split up. The golem began to destroy the first catapault by hand. The wizard and witch went to find the explosive ammo. The barbarian, sensing a good fight, took off after the men who took off after For Tu and the stranger.

Five simple enemy soldiers were little match for the heroes and they quickly dispatched of the villains. The wizard stashed amounts of the explosive ammo by the machines and the group ran from the camp as it blew itself to shreds.

Back inside the city walls the king congratulated them on a job well done. His victory was short lived however; a cry rang out “The walls have been breached!”


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