In which I Report on a Bevy of Movies.

I have not updated in a while, for that I apologize. This has led to a small build up in movies viewed by me recently. I shall endeavor to give a small review of them each in turn.

The Wolfman

An enjoyable re-imagining of the original classic. Very atmospheric, with suitable acting. To be honest I almost feel I enjoyed the bits between wolf scenes the most. This is not a disparagement on the werewolves of the movie, which retained the style of the original much to my enjoyment. However there was a bit of reliance on CGI that was not up to the task(eg. the first transformation was amazing, the rest… not so much). I also have a small problem with the abundance of gore and carnage, but it is a vile neccesity these days. To summarize, It’s a movie called “the Wolf Man”, and it delivers all you could ask for.

Shutter Island

A nice hefty movie, full of acting and intrigue. I believe the music was a bit over done, and the movie ran a bit long, but it never collapsed under its weight and was very engaging. I am not a big fan of Scorsese but his recent outings with DiCaprio have been good, minus “Gangs of New York”. This one carries on with good acting and dialogue. A solid movie overall, well worth watching in the theaters.

The Girlfriend Experience

Unevenly paced and sometimes poorly shot and written. I felt it was ambitions and a good attempt for an amateur. Then I realized Soderbergh directed it… shame.

Crank 2: High Voltage

Crank was a refreshing and all out action movie that features well placed music and a kinetic cinematography style. Crank 2 is not. There is so much wrong with this movie that I feel at loss on where to begin, so I shall not. The movie is terrible.


From the trailers this looked to be a fun low key comedy. Alas, once again, all the comedy was int he trailer. This is a fairly typical young love story that contains a few interesting ideas but over all does nothing new. The Jewish kid is a very interesting character and I don’t feel your time will be wasted by watching this, but you probably won’t do so again.


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