In Which Victory is Proclaimed

Two sessions have elapsed since I last noted the adventures of my players. In truth both sessions connected to each other so my delay has been a plan of sorts.

As the city walls began to fall and the invading barbarian horde made their final charge my players broke into groups to defend the gaps in the city perimeter.  The ninja took a small garrison and defended the west wall, the Barbarian went to the south gate -with the main city guard- to hold back the bulk of the invading force. The Stranger and the Witch followed the Ninja’s approach and took their own small group to hold off a group to the southeast. The golem stood alone, against a 30 man squad on the east wall. The Wizard ran about, offering help where needed.

Each group did well, holding back their opposition. The ninja took an amount of damage and required assistance from the Wizard but eventually defeated his foes. The stranger and the witch took their enemies out quickly and moved to help on the main gate. The golem slowly whittled his foes down, killing over half before they gave up.  The barbarian held his own but was gravely wounded, spending the final section of the fight holding in his own entrails.

As the flood of foes seemed to abate the horde leader approached with his honor guard. As he did the king of the city rode into battle to match him one on one. The barbarian shrugged off his own safety and fought to assist the king, the ninja and golem each fought to get through but progress was slowed.  Finally the barbarian managed to disarm the horde leader and before the king could strike him down the stranger leapt past the remaining foes and beheaded the horde leader.

The group stood victorious but surrounded; they were saved by the wizard who sent a stream of flame along the enemy troops seriously compromising morale.

In the end each of them was given a small reward, and allowed to go on their way.

This being my world, the reward was more in attune with what i felt a realistic amount would be. Each player was basically an enlisted soldier. This is also “ancient times” so money had more value. Thus each person got the equivalent of 6 bucks.

next time I will get more into the monetary system, detailing why this was not screwing over my players. Also I am going to ramble on about the rate of time.


One thought on “In Which Victory is Proclaimed

  1. I have no idea how you run a game like that, with people in different spots and larger scale battles than a few kobolds and whatnot.

    Also, proofread your post! I mean that with as much love as text allows.

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