A Discussion of Repo Men

Though the trailers failed to show any sort of redeeming factor for this movie I decided that it’s slick look and bizarre concept warranted a view. To be sure I am glad I did, not only was this movie worth the price of admission, but also the price of concessions. It was several shades of awesome in fact.

It will never win an award but it delivered on all fronts: slick design, interesting concepts, and some just flat out odd moments. This is a movie that grabs you and says, “Hey, wanna go to the bar?”

The film concerns a pair of buddies who work as repo men, taking back artificial organs for a large company. These repo men work more like bounty hunters (meaning Illinois is probably the last free zone in the future). Things seem to be great for our heroes except that one of them is married to a real shrew of a woman who demands that he quit his job and get better work. He ignores her and is soon involved in an accident that costs him his heart. The shrew then leaves and takes his kid. Suddenly our hero has a literal and figurative change of heart and can no longer kill people by taking their organs, he falls into debt and goes on the run soon becoming a rouge agent and finally decides to take down the company.

While I don’t pretend that this is a deep movie it does feature some nice social commentary and satire. The world they build is an interesting place and I would love to see more stories set there. The evil of the corporation seems apparent, but it there is also lots of organ abuse and black market deals going on, in a world such as this are repo men really that bad. One such customer is having his organs repossessed, he was a big shot but has lost everything to the IRS and is now flat poor and hooked on drugs. Does this man really deserve pity? Shouldn’t his organs be removed and he made to pay?

These are interesting questions and we only see answers to them via the eyes of our hero who lacks a sense of morality himself.

In the end, I loved this movie. It’s fun and stylish, well put together with strong music. I doubt it will go down in history as a great film but it’s juicy sci-fi and sometimes that’s enough.


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