A discussion Concerning TITAN VS. TITAN!

As a last minute plan I went forth and watched Clash of the Titans yesterday.

The characters were pretty one sided, and mythology was a unique blend, and there was little time spent on detailing past events and the central set up of the world. Thank God.

These are the gods, petty and ruthless. This is the high spots of various myths. And it all gets told at a decent clip. It’s a high fantasy action tale that gives you just what you need: awesome visuals, thundering music, and men being bad ass men. Also, Liam Neeson, who, if given more to do, would be a fantastic Zeus.

Beyind all that, I will say that this movie hit the marks it needed to hit and hit them well, but not exceptional. It’s not a movie that I will demand to see when it comes out on DVD, and it’s not a movie that will be required viewing when on TV. But it is a solid movie that delivers. It’s worth a theater visit and a second viewing would not be wasted.

I do miss stop motion animation though.


2 thoughts on “A discussion Concerning TITAN VS. TITAN!

  1. Ah, goody. I’ve already got plans to see this next week when I get back from Hong Kong. Glad to know it’s not going to uniformally SUCK like I thought it might.

  2. Your review would do little to convince Jillian to see it; as a huge fan of the original, she deeply questions the need for this remake.

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