A Discussion of a Movie What Lives Up To it’s Title

I understand that I am running a bit behind, so this is my first effort at playing catch up. Behold, my review of “Kick Ass”.

When I initially saw the adverts for “Kick Ass” I decided to pass. I thought it would be a parody of the genre conveyed in a stupid fashion; also the name “kick ass” sounded stupid. Later I would realize that it was adapted from an actual comic, one penned by Mark Miller. Miller is a serious talent, and is responsible for “Wanted” and the initial run of “Ultimate X-men.” I despise both forms of “Wanted” and felt that “Ultimate X-men” was dark storytelling solely for the sake of being mean spirited and dark. However, Miller also wrote “Superman: Red Son” and the super amazing “Ultimates” (Ultimates being the ultimate version of the avengers, but not entirely, so it’s just “ultimates”) For these creations I decide to give him a chance as I knew the commercials must be lying, that “kick ass” was no comedic movie and would most likely be a darker tale of badassery.

I was right.

“Kick Ass” is the story of a young man who decides to do some good by getting a costume and helping people, he believes in goodness and believes that if someone just went out and helped the world would be better. The problem being that the world likes to crush people like him. Unfazed by reality he keeps going out and soon runs into others like himself and we got a movie rolling.

One of the strong points of this movie is its near reality. The premise is “people are good, and you should help them,” but what gets presented is the fact that bad guys don’t fall for tricks and that while you can be a hero it’s a quest that will consume your whole life. This is a movie that presents an 11 year old girl dealing out death to criminals. It’s the kind of notion that not everyone will believe. I myself could see it happening, given what I know of the human psyche, the average gunman, and advanced combat training. That this girl is capable of these things is very horrific not because she is witnessing and committing murder, but because to be this good her whole life has been spent in becoming this good and she really is no longer a little girl.

That said there are a few bits where we must suspend belief, and these are a bit harder to do since we are asked to accept the reality of the situation. As it is only two of these really stand out in my mind. But, such lapses are more than made up for by the brutal consequences faced by the main characters and the amazing action set to film. A scene in a warehouse featuring Big Daddy (the girl’s father, and a perfectly terrifying blend of batman and the punisher) is one of the more convincing moments of comic book violence I have seen and had me wanting to light up right there and sigh.

“Kick Ass” is an awesome movie. It’s not a comedy as the trailers might suggest, but it will make you laugh. It will also make you wince, and hopefully it will make you cheer.


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