A Matter of Minor Neuroses

I realized today that I have a few very random personality quirks. Though they are of little importance I have decided to write about three of my very minor neurotic tendencies.

1: Revolving doors. I can’t stand these things some are motorized an others are not and those that are scare me completely. I always worry if there is some ‘door etiquette’ I am missing when using one. Also I dislike being separated from my party while entering a building. I also worry when others approach the door at the same time as me, who gets the right of way? And when I falter due to panic are they going to be angry with me?

2: Pre-order prompts at the drive thru. I understand the need for advertisement, and my sources confirm that thye do increase sales but they annoy me. I realize they are prerecorded but my need to be polite means I must first say “no thank you” before I can order, and then there is a vague hint of guilt and that doesn’t help with the fact that I’m ordering what is probably a days worth of food while failing to even get out of my car. Also on the prerecorded angle is the fact that sometimes it’s a sweet and innocent womanly voice asking if I’d like the super deluxe mushroom burger, but then after I order I am greeted by some Vin Diesel sounding man. It’s disconcerting.

Today I ate at Long John Silver’s and the prompt asked me “Have you tried a frozen lemonade?” I was unsure how to respond to that, it wasn’t asking if I wanted one, just if I had tried one. Only seconds before a woman sitting near the drive through had given me a free sample of one, so I answered “Sort of,” And then continued with my order.

3: Pigeons; they just freak me out.

Tomorrow I will be uploading an essay that some might find very interesting.


One thought on “A Matter of Minor Neuroses

  1. 1) Revolving door etiquette is as thus: doors revolve counter-clockwise, so those entering on the right have the right-of-way; this lets people exit the door more easily as well. When the last occupant leaves, wait one second before entering but only if there is no one behind you; if there is, wait two. If, while you are approaching the door, you notice someone enter on the other side, you should not push the door because they might trip and the door could snap their neck; the only exception is for children, the elderly and couples who have entered their partition together. And, above all, always when you’re in a revolving door.

    2) I actually avoid drive-thrus completely. Jill will ask me why, but I can never say and I always park and step in. I usually want to eat sooner than driving right out would provide anyway.

    3) Pidgeons are actually host to so many insect colonies that they’ve almost been classified as a hybrid organism.

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