In Which an Old Age is Born Anew

My group has begun its new campaign. We are beginning a world of comic book heroes from the very beginning. In 1938 the first real news story was published describing a man in a white cape accomplishing amazing feats of strength. Soon after, a few major cities began to hear rumors of certain individuals fighting against crime. No one believes any of this, except the rare few who have witnessed it with their own eyes. We begin in 1940, Heroes are about to meet, and the world will be witness to a new era.

April 1940, Boston Massachusetts

It is evening; a young woman stares at an apartment building. Earlier this week she stopped a mugging, the woman she helped told her of being evicted from her building. The young woman vowed to help, and now she entered the apartment complex until reaching the top floor. Once there she knocks on the appropriate door and is answered by an angry looking man. After an attempt to discuss matters politely she tries a new approach. Setting her normal clothes aside she reveals the red and yellow bodysuit underweight. Her body heats up and soon combusts, and then she knocks again. This time the door flings open, and two goons open fire on her. She sends a jet of flame at one and he screams, choosing to leave via fire escape, a sane choice. The Remaining goon keeps firing, pulling a tommy gun out of a nearby crate. Soon the fight is ended, her burning justice winning over mortal firepower. She ties the man up and calls the cops before checking on the crates; property of the US Army they say. Satisfied she heads to the roof and burns into the night sky.

Later, Chicago Illinois

Chicago’s streets have been patrolled these past eleven months by a swift figure clad in blue and black. Quickly from the darkness he strikes and stays only long enough to give word to the cops. In the blink of an eye he is gone. Tonight he is investigating an old warehouse, a tip revealed it as the location of some shady deals. A quick investigation shows it to have been a secret mechanic shop, providing underhanded upgrades. Two crooked mechanics laugh upstairs. A thrown wrench causes one to investigate; he never sees the fist that lays him out. The second man however, he sees the blue suited man attacking him compatriot and quickly fires three shots from his revolver. A blur and the man in blue avoids them all; suddenly he is up the stairs and has taken the gun away. “Who are you” asks the crook. “Impulse,” is the answer received. After an interrogation Impulse learns that a group of bank robbers commissioned two extra special cars delivered to a town in Connecticut. Impulse sees the man arrested and after a few preparations sets off in a burst of speed towards Connecticut.

The next morning, Veridian Connecticut

A bartender, minding his own business looks up to see a man and woman standing before him, both dressed in the colors of the flag: Red, White, and Blue. They question him about illegal dealings and he tells them about the backroom and the thugs set up inside. Unafraid the American duo head into the den of darkness and calmly stare down three gun wielding goons. After rational discussion fails to achieve success a fight quickly breaks out and soon ends. The man tackles the biggest goon; meanwhile the girl vaults over the table and levels the nearest mook. The leader of the trio soon gives up and announces that a group of bank robbers have moved in and are targeting Veridian Savings and Trust. As the brightly clad due leave the thug asks for names; the man stops and announces: “I am Sgt. Freedom, and,” gesturing towards his female compatriot, “Liberty Belle.”


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