In Which A Destiny is Forged

That morning, Boston

The young woman responsible for liberating the apartment building is at home, discussing matters with her parents. Of the topics discussed are both her name and last night’s escapade. Her mother thinks that the name ‘Wildfire’ might suggest an uncontrollable nature and it could put people off. Her father mentions an article in the paper connecting the criminals of last night to organized crime in Veridian Connecticut. He suggests that if she wishes to be seen as a hero she should finish what she starts. He then packs a lunch and offers to drive her to Veridian, the drive taking a couple hours. She grabs her costume and agrees.

That same morning, later, Veridian

Impulse coasts to a stop on the edge of town. He begins systematically checking warehouses in the area looking for places to stash illegally modified rides. He eventually hits upon an abandoned machine shop, suspiciously well supplied. He manages to use his bizarre costume to gain favor with the mechanic there who mistakes him for a gang member he sold the cars too. Impulse gets the name of the contact and heads out, taking note of the mechanic for later retrieval.

At the same time, Veridian

Sgt. Freedom and Liberty Belle arrive at Veridian Savings and Loan. The manager is shocked to see two individuals dressed so but allows them in the back to watch the bank floor. Across town Impulse arrives at the police station and locates an oddly cooperative desk sergeant. The sergeant mentions that his brother walks the beat in New York and saw a man in a white cape lift a car from the ground to stop some thugs. He seems somewhat happy to see his own costumed person. The sergeant gives Impulse the name of a bar that seems to be in the criminal network. As impulse leaves, Wildfire’s car is pulling up outside. She receives the same treatment as Impulse and is soon headed to the bar as well, her father not liking the places this new line of work is taking his daughter.

Moments later

Impulse arrives at the bar and makes his way past a disturbed bar tender muttering about costumed freaks. In the back he sees a trio of roughed up thugs rearranging some broken tables. They tell him his friends already have the info. In the front of the bar Wildfire walks in, the bartender takes one look at her and leaves, abandoning his life of crime and excitement. Wildfire enters the back room in time to hear repeated information, listing a new gang hitting the savings and loan today. She exchanges pleasantries with Impulse, both surprised to see another costumed character. He takes his leave and heads on to the bank, Wildfire has her father drop her off in civilian identity.

The bank

Impulse arrives and promptly meets Sgt. Freedom and Liberty Belle. The trio exchange words as their temperaments seem to clash, but professionalisms wins and they head to the back to stay out of the public eye. Wildfire enters the bank in civilian clothes, her own fire retardant costume hidden underneath. Eventually the calm day is interrupted by six men loudly entering the bank. Each one is wearing a tailored tuxedo, including spats and tails, and a face obscured by a white mask. The leader of these men pulls out a pair of twin 45s and takes center stage, declaring that “it is time for the plebeians of society to offer up their coin so that the Elitists may live as life demands!”

No sooner has he said this than Impulse bursts forward, Sgt. Freedom and Liberty Belle behind him. Impulse knocks the leader from his perch with five rapid fire strikes, meanwhile the other two fan out to tackle the remaining thugs. Gunfire erupts, distracting Impulse, and kicking Wildfire into action. Ignoring the danger to her outfit she ignites into flame and rises into the air. People scream at this and are only panicked more as bullets begin to fill the air. The robbers are armed with military grade tommy guns and pistols, but these manmade weapons fail to do so much as dent Liberty Belle’s iron hard skin. Impulse quickly deals with one of the more serious shooters while Wildfire disarms a couple more with jets of flame. Sgt. Freedom sets his sights on the toughest of the gang, a thug wearing a Kevlar vest over his tux and sporting a nasty shotgun.

In the excitement the leader escapes out the front door, quickly attempting to escape in his suped up race car. Impulse hears the car turn over and rushes out to pursue. The robber, knowing his car can achieve very high speed for short distances slams the pedal down and takes off into traffics. However Impulse is capable of higher speeds and quickly tracks the criminal down. The robber attempts to fire at the fledgling hero but soon finds the gun snatched from his hand. With one last burst of speed, Impulse catches up, grabs the robber by the hair, and knocks him unconscious via the steering wheel.

Back at the bank, Wildfire and Liberty Belle have taken out the remaining thugs, while Sgt. Freedom systematically whittles down his foes defenses finally putting him out with a well placed kick. In the calm following the fight he takes stock of the situation: Wildfire is well, Liberty Belle is unharmed despite taking several rounds of gunfire, and he suffers from only a grazing shot. He is glad that these two strangers showed up to help and extends a hand of friendship.

The bank manager publicly thanks the heroes. Impulse attempts to leave before the cops arrive, but Sgt. Freedom declares that he is a government sanctioned crime fighter and they will be safe. As we fade from this they begin to discuss an allegiance, and team, to fight against evil.


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