In Which Our Heroes Stake A Claim

After the last adventure, and a minor side adventure, out heroes have decided to form a team, the first such super team in the world, in an effort to better help humanity. Already they have appropriated the two super cars from the bank robbery and have been discussing matters at a local hotel. During this time they are approached by a government agent named Hal Granger and an elderly man named Monty Worth.

Granger told the heroes that Worth was being blackmailed, even worse he was being blackmailed by suspected enemy agents. Worth is a prominent citizen in Veridian, having helped fund and start many businesses there. He owns a lot of property and is very well known. Enemy agents approached Worth and provided him with some sort of embarrassing evidence and demanded that he give them information of key structures and infiltration points in Veridian. Worth instead, gave them a list of buildings he owned but was not using and then contacted the government for help.

Granger supplied a small group of men to protect Worth but they were attacked and nearly wiped out. Granger doesn’t want anymore soldiers to die so he decided to ask the heroes. He claimed to recognize their skill, but probably just assumed no one would cry over a dead circus freak. The heroes began to deliberate: they suspected Worth wasn’t telling them everything, and that Granger’s surviving soldier was in on the plan. However, they agreed to help and Worth gave them a list of possible locations the enemy could be hiding: A roundhouse train depot, Point Liberty Lighthouse, and Worth’s old family manor.

Before sending them off Granger issued a warning. He suspects the touch of a particular German agent in all this. He recognizes the style and has had run ins with this agent before. He tells them to be careful and don’t hold back.

Deciding that Point Liberty Lighthouse is the best place to start, the heroes head there first. Wildfire patrols the outside, staying unflamed for maximum stealth. Sgt. Freedom and Liberty Belle enter through the back door and find themselves in a kitchen. In the time it takes for them to enter and search, Impulse has already explored most of downstairs and then heads upstairs…where he encounters three thugs playing poker. He distracts them and causes a gunfight to occur, getting clipped in the shoulder with a shot gun. Impulse then takes the shotgun away and tosses it out a window, a failed “the world hates you” save and Wildfire was keyed into the fight by a shotgun falling on her head. The bullets also alerted Freedom and Liberty who each grabbed a random item and ran upstairs. As they arrived Impulse had just finished taking away another gun. Freedom leapt up the last couple of stairs and hurled a stove cover at the man, striking him in the head and knocking him out. Liberty followed suit launching a 5 pound bag of flour at another thug, breaking his nose.

The final thug had to contend with Wildfire, and upon seeing a woman wrapped in flame he gave up. However he refused to give any information, just saying they had been hired to guard this house. The group rounded up the criminals and dropped them off with the cops. For those wondering, Sgt. Freedom is legally recognized by the American government and can testify without compromising his identity.

Their next move was to search the roundhouse. However it turned up empty (the locations inhabited by crooks was determined by randomness), but they all agreed it was very nice. Finding nothing of value they left to search the manor…


One thought on “In Which Our Heroes Stake A Claim

  1. You know, it didn’t occur to me when we last spoke of this that they’d truly be the first super team in that world. With that prestige, you can bring all kinds of cool things down upon them. They’ll quickly rise to fame, immitators will crop up and villains may too take to being villainous in groups.

    Not to mention if they play a future campaign, who will have taken their mantle? Would it still be worth something, or would they be honorary figureheads?

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