In Which We contenue to Forge

As our heroes reach the manor it is revealed that interlopers have taken up residence already. Quickly the heroes devise a plan: Impulse will go in the kitchen entrance, Freedom and Liberty will enter the front, but none of them will do anything until Wildfire sends a jet of flame down the chimney.

And so it begins. Wildfire sets off her fire which distracts the enemies inside. Impulse enters the kitchen and begins doing combat with two fiends inside. The American duo break in the front door and set upon the thugs residing there. After the distraction is set in place Wildfire flies into an upper window where she is soon shoot at by a man wearing trousers and an undershirt. Panicking she dodges the gunfire and manages to throw him off guard, sending him out the window. She then burns a hole in the floor and heads to the main area to help with combat.

As she arrives combat seems to be going well. Our heroes have nearly won when the man from upstairs enters holding a gun. He shouts for everyone to stop but fighting continues anyways. Freedom and Liberty systematically take out the thugs while Wildfire engages the new guy. Soon the heroes have won and sensing that they need information they tie up and question the man from upstairs.

He refuses to answer questions, hurling insults and slurs at the heroes, they learn little more than the name he is using: Jeff West. In a moment of distraction he slips free from his bonds and takes Liberty Belle hostage, placing a large gun to the side of her head. He announces that he has seen her take a shot and not die, but it left a bruise. He figures at this range it should kill her. Reacting with blinding speed, even Impulse was impressed; Sgt. Freedom leaps forward and shatters West’s hand. West then begins hurling more insults, telling the heroes that their costumes are more of an insult to him than any wound, blah blah blah, he continues to insinuate that they are German secret agents.

Surprised they announce that they are in fact American’s and working for the government. He demands, if that is the case, to be taken to his handler, Hal Granger. Realizing they may have made a mistake the heroes call up granger and set up a meeting; he decides on the train yard.

When they arrive Granger greets them with a smile and two bodyguards. He congratulates them on capturing the great American super spy for him. Granger then pulls out a luger and shoots West. A small battle ensues and soon fake-Granger sets off a flash bomb and escapes. After some more digging it seems that an enemy spy killed Granger and took his place to better blackmail Worth. He then used his pull to sic the heroes on his nemesis West.

Luckily Impulse was able to get West to a hospital in time. The Army congratulates the heroes and promised to give them any information on the spy they fought. As for Worth, he felt bad about being the center of so much trouble that he gave the heroes the train yard to use as a new base of operations.


3 thoughts on “In Which We contenue to Forge

  1. Tell me, is the government more or less glossing over how readily they were manipulated as it more or less demonstrated how easily they’d be able to do so themselves?

    But then, this is the golden age, and not the time for paranoia and corrupt governments.

    I do enjoy that they do have something to fear from firearms. Makes me wonder what would happen if a strike team with thompsons showed up on their doorstep.

  2. The government is not admiting that an enemy agent killed a key figure and subverted control, but it’s not meant as a sign of corruption.
    The main point I was atempting to make in this adventure was that there is a enemy superspy running about. Kind of making a ‘mundan’ villian who is an actual threat.

  3. This continues your theme that these people aren’t so super as to be above mere mortal threats. Which is cool. I like the idea of holding a gun to a super’s head.

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