A Discussion of Predators

Before I begin the review proper, I wish to give some small history on myself. When I was far too young to have seen them I watched both “Aliens” and “Predator,” and have watched them both many times since. I consider “Aliens” to be my second favorite movie of all time, however if it came to a fight between an Alien and a Predator I would fall on the side of the Predator because it’s a cooler creature. However I do hold a deep love of the film “Predator” and feel that it did nearly everything right.

So when I heard that Robert Rodriguez, who is second only to John Carpenter in my mind, was working on a sequel to “Predator” and naming it “Predators” specifically due to “Aliens” being a perfect example of a awesome sequel…I was friggin’ ecstatic.

Gentlemen and their fairer counterparts it is my duty to inform you that “Predators” is completely awesome.

Though a friend of mine had some sort of problem with it, I felt this movie opened perfectly. I have long used “Predator” as an example of how to start an action movie. Ten minutes in and you know who the characters are and things are already underway, shortly after that the action starts and it’s clear sailing from there. “Predators” takes this pushes it forward, when this movie begins our hero is already falling towards destiny. We don’t see a long back story of his abduction, we don’t have a lead up shot…he’s just falling, and then the movie kicks in.

Our hero, of course, is Adrien Brody. I was initially worried about this; I’m not a big fan of his and he does not look like an action star, but he brought his A-face here and does the part justice. He’s credible in my book now, and has earned my respect. To take it even further I would say this was a problem with “Predator 2” in that as cool as Danny Glover is and no matter what happens in that film I just can’t see him standing shoulder to shoulder with Arnold Schwarzenegger. After watching “Predators” I would say Brody and Schwarzenegger could be in a movie together and I would say said movie features a “pair of bad asses.”

The rest of the cast works well. Each character has a hook and a look to make them memorable, they may not be deep but waxing poetic is not what this movie is about. In the jungle you need to be of singular mind or you die. Plus the actors playing each part added greatly; making the situation as believable as a story about being hunted on an alien planet can be. Especially great are Walter Goggins, Topher Grace, and Laurence Fishburne; Fishburne actually being about as cool as I’ve ever seen him and that’s compared even to his portrayal as Morpheus.

Now there is a couple rough bit; I thought some of the story moved a bit slow, at this point in the game we know what a Predator is so keeping them a surprise is unnecessary suspense. Of course if the advertisements and reviews hadn’t ruined that it takes place on an alien planet maybe the surprise would have worked better, but alas them’s the breaks.

Overall I did love this movie; I consider it on par with the original. The fact that “Predators” referenced the original film in many spots, and in fact used moments from the original to build more badassery upon, make this a fantastic sequel to a fantastic movie.


One thought on “A Discussion of Predators

  1. Jillian, ever more a child of the 80s than I, is quite excited about this movie, and as such I’m happy to hear it delivers a sufficiently Predator-filled bill of goods.

    Brody is a favored actor of both her and myself, and he definately got a bad rap as being a slight, waifish and frail man from movies like the Pianist and The Jacket (which you should totally see, if you like time travel and Kierra Knightly). He’s a great actor, and it’s interesting to see him in something like this since it’s not his usual fare. I’m glad you liked his performance, as it means he actually wanted to do this movie and wasn’t just collecting a paycheck.

    We shall see it soon!

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