A Roster is Revealed

With our heroes properly formed up and in possession of a home base the time seems right to list a roll call of sorts. This is done to help keep information straight and showcase each characters abilities. Plus, a pair of players have added two new characters to the fray, so this seems extra necessary. So without further ado…

In 1940 several individuals possessing special abilities formed together with the common goal of saving the American populace from the evils of crime. Unified in this cause they came together as the Sentinels of Justice!

Sgt. Freedom: A young marine is imbued with radiation from a space rock and gains extremely advanced physical attributes. Wishing to use his abilities to defend his country, and still being property of the U.S. government, he becomes Sgt. Freedom, America’s first sanctioned superhero.

Liberty Belle: The daughter of a cop this young girl has always dreamed of joining the government and becoming a G-man. One day, while on a field trip to a science lab she witnesses an experiment about to explode. Selflessly she dives and knocks her teacher out of the way, but in the process is coated by a strange mist. The next day she discovers that she has become highly resistant to damage, like a person made of organic metal. The government paid her medical bills and proposed that she become the sidekick of their new American icon, Sgt. Freedom.

Impulse: After a hiking accident led to this man encountering a mystical force he soon realized that he had gained the ability to run at incredible velocities. Seeing that Chicago was still troubled with the vile remnants of the gangster era this saint of speedsters has been doing his best to protect the city for over a year now.

Wildfire: Originally having no goal other than to work in the family bakery this polite young woman drastically emerged from a kitchen fire one day with not a scratch. She soon learned that she had the amazing ability to coat herself in flames, flames she could control and even use to break the bonds of gravity. Having seen her share of violence in the Southern Boston area she decided to dedicate her life to stopping crime, with the support of her family.

The Sentry: Since 1938 the enigmatic hero known only as The Sentry has walked the crime ridden streets of Cobalt city. Cobalt city is his city, it is his home and his life and it has a cancer, that cancer is crime. It would be simpler if only crime occupied the city, but there are good folk here as well, and for those people Sentry fights.

The Aviator: Receiving his training in aviation from the great professor Filby this hero has become a master mechanic and inventor. In fact such pursuits are the only things holding him back from becoming a full professor at MIT. But the lack of full term pales in comparison when you have designed the world’s only working rocket pack and a less-than-lethal weapon system to go with him. The aviator is a spontaneous genius, coupled with the old time spirit of adventure.


One thought on “A Roster is Revealed

  1. Your heroes always seem so reasonable; n’ary a megastrength’d behemoth invisibly stalking and splattering superfoes in sight.

    I realize they have your assistance with this, but your players are quite good at working within a limited framework to produce something worth your time.

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