In Which We Flashback to the Future

A while back an old friend of mine came to town and he wanted to game. It was not a regular game night but I wrangled up a couple players and set up a plot. The problem is, this occurred while still setting the ground work for the heroes and to involve my friend would have messed up the current plot. Perhaps I was over thinking it but what’s done is done. I decided that the adventure that night would be a ‘preview,’ an adventure we would play but would actually take place in the future.

Long story short, this is the adventure I will write about today.

At this point the heroes have been gaining more and more media coverage. The world is actually bearing witness to Trans-human entities. But, due to good publicity and their eagerness to help people they are being welcomed, but cautiously. Many people see them as well meaning crazy people in colorful costumes.

Due to this a wealthy socialite has approached them. He mentions that he is helping to host a big social function at the museum that night; the problem is he has been under attack recently and needs someone to help guard his artifacts he is donating. He suggests that in addition to the payment it will also be a chance for them to build their reputation. The heroes decide that since Liberty Belle and Impulse are free they will attend.

They do so and the party begins well. Several important individuals attend including the Mayor and an ADA being played by another player (he was not a regular player and had no character to play as). At the party was a famous stage actor named Morgan Bancroft (This was something of a surprise as Bancroft had been a loose analogue to Dr. Strange in my previous campaign) and his nephew…whose name I forget.

The nephew was actually a super powered person himself, and was created and being played by my old friend. He named the character ‘Spatial’ and gave him the ability to create energy panels that could block damage. The character was something of a mathematical savant and could use these panels to redirect attacks.

Sometime into the party Impulse nipped off to check on a separate room of artifacts. Unbeknownst to him Spatial had been watching where he was going and followed him. When the two arrived they witnessed a Native American, dressed for battle, stealing what looked like an expensive and old knife; The Indian declared himself to be “The Black Bow.” Of course a fight broke out.

But not there. Back in the main room a group of mobsters made their entrance and began shooting up the place. The ADA ran off to get Impulse but found him having a fight with the Indian. During the course of this Spatial ran off to the main room and basically took refuge under some display cases and attacked only when the opportunity presented itself. The ADA grabbed the knife and took off running, as did Impulse who felt that innocents being threatened by gunfire was more important than the Black Bow stealing some old trinket.

The ADA made it to the main room but was momentarily felled by an arrow. However the mobsters began to fire upon Black Bow so he turned his attention to the gun wielding white men. The ADA discovered that the arrow that stuck him had been blunted and not meant to kill. This, along with the Indians change in tactics led him to believe they shared a common bond. Thus Impulse, Liberty Belle, the ADA, Black Bow, and Spatial all teamed up to quickly decimate the unprepared mobsters.

When it was all over the socialite tried to say that the Indian was aligned with the mobsters but Impulse was having none of it. Black Bow spoke and said that the socialite had plundered his people and stolen artifacts from them to get rich. He was merely acting to take back what was his. The ADA handed over the knife while the police arrested the socialite.

Later Impulse and Spatial found Bancroft seemingly drunk and passé out in a separate room. My players suspect he had a hand in defusing the situation.

My thoughts: I ran this a while back and have lost some of my notes. Of importance here was the first real meeting the players would have with other powered vigilantes; those who would not wish to join their team. Also the ADA was meant to become an important NPC, but I have lost his name. Spatial is to be a onetime character, only to be brought in when my friend returns for a visit. By then he shall no longer be a scared young man but maybe a force of justice in his own right.

As a side note I of course use the term ‘issues’ to refer to the adventures. In addition to this I have also mentioned that Impulse and Sentry made their debut before the other players (late 1939 and 1937 respectively) so each of them has their own comic books out (anything that happens in these is not played out, just back story). I use this excuse to hide why Impulse is gone a lot (his player has a job that conflicts) but I also recently used it to detail why Sentry left Cobalt City to look for the heroes. In his latest adventure he ran across the Black Bow and they had a fight. Bow told him of a group in Veridian and that prompted Sentry to leave town to find this new team.

Next week we will rejoin with the timeline proper; while a flashback to an old adventure, this foray has been necessary to canon sake and chronological completion.


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