In Which Sugar Kills


Note: for this adventure I am using a pre-created adventure module. I am not naming it because some of my players read this. If you are one of my players please don’t attempt to locate the adventure module. I don’t enjoy telling jokes if people already know the punch line.

For this adventure my players are members of a specialized detective agency that deals in the supernatural. They are not well known, but local law authorities know them well enough to give them a small bit of leeway. The characters involved are:

Li: a young Asian man with a penchant for mechanical objects. He also has a fondness for old television and repainted the teams Ford Windstar to match the A-team van.

Rook: a man with a heavy past. He’s violent and rarely pleasant. But, he does believe in the group.

Mags: A young college student with postcog abilities. She also works in a bookstore ran by a real jerk.

Summer: A native American biker who can also shape shift into a cougar.

Steve: an ex-journalist, discredited and obsessed with the supernatural.

Once again I attempted to begin the adventure with a teaser. I told the team that it was the night before Halloween and they were investigating a haunted house. Reports indicate that a coal miner used to live here but died one day as he walked in the front door. I asked them to split up, deciding to have the weakest group encounter the ‘ghost’. Li and Mags went into the root cellar. All too easy.

Now the truth was, this was all a hoax. The back story for the teaser was that college kids do this each year as a joke. They send friends in and scare the crap out of them. Taking the bait Li went deeper into the root cellar and opened an old rusty door. As he did so it flew open and a man in mining gear stood ahead of him, pickaxe held high.

I had chosen to victimize the ‘weakest’ characters because their guns skills would be low. I assumed one would fire a shot and miss, then I’d have the college kid freak out and the hoax would be revealed.  Li won initiative and as expected he fired at the entity. He rolled a damn twenty: critical success. He shot the kid right in the gut.

Cops showed up, the kids were taken to the hospital and into custody. I sort of hand waved the shooting: self defense, fill out lots of paperwork, blah, blah, blah. After all this was a teaser.

After all the paperwork the group decided to get breakfast when their police radio picked up a call from a nearby candy factory. The officer making the call claimed some sort of zombie killed his partner. The group decided to check it out. The police on sight allowed them to do so. Once inside they found some captive workers but failed to properly evacuate them. By failed, I mean Rook fired a few shoots into the air for motivation.

The workers panicked and began running about. This awoke the entity that began attacking people. The entity was some sort of man infused with demonic sugar. Scarier than it sounds, I assure you. A fight ensued in which the heroes got knocked around for a bit until finally Summer took on her beast form and ripped off the creatures head.

And that is where Friday’s session ended. To be continued.


3 thoughts on “In Which Sugar Kills

  1. Half of that reminds me of an episode of supernatural, and by remarking upon that I hope I did not ruin the rest of the session.

    Also: fun times attacking your weakest sub-party.

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