In Which Sugar Stops Killing

Continuing from last time…

Our heroes stand over the defeated ‘sugar slave’ as cops swarm the candy factory. A retcon here involved the shape shifter having sustained some broken ribs during the fight as the player couldn’t make it. The remaining characters began an investigation alongside the cops.

Checking the security cameras they witness a group of cultists creating the sugar slave and making candy. They immediately hit upon the idea that the cultists are going to use demonic candy to poison kids and get an APB put out for the missing candy truck. They also steal a small wooden totem from the scene and take it home to run checks on it.

All in all, time passes. They learn that the cultists are “The Children of Chaos” and the totem was supposedly a harmless piece that went missing from the home of Dr. Peterson, the man they rescued in their last outing. Turns out the totem was not harmless but instead is used to infect fatty items with dark intent. Eventually they get a call that the missing truck is at a local Halloween festival.

As they arrive at the festival they notice that a number of small (about one foot high) candy golems are attacking the civies. Most of the team sets out to stop these while Mags (who constantly bemoans her useless nature) approaches the truck and engages the cultists. Amazingly during the fight she subdues three of the five cultists, the other two are stopped at differing points from lucky shots by other members. Once this happens Mags enters the truck with zip ties and duct tape. The image of a collage girl attacking, subduing, and tying up random cultists is a personal fav of mine and I’m glad she was able to see her character be useful.

While all that was happening the cultists did manage to create a larger, nine foot tall, candy golem that made a beeline for the journalist. Since he was currently in a funnel cake stand, having just deep fried a small golem, he had the brilliant plan to toss a propane tank at the creature and shoot it. I asked for a generic ranged roll for the throw and a gun roll for shooting it. He did admirably on both so I described the following:

With all your strength you hurl the propane tank a good five, maybe six feet, and then hit it dead centre with a shot from your pistol. The bullet ricochets harmlessly off the tan and impacts into a wooden sign.

Handgun ammo won’t pierce those types of tanks, and standard bullets don’t create an explosion inducing spark. However he decided to run forward, loosen the valve and then get to a safe distance and toss a lighter at it. Other than wasting a good Zippo that’s a plan I could get behind. The ensuing explosion knocked him and the golem back, obliterated the stand, and set fire to a paint store. And then Rook, in a truck he had hotwired, rammed the golem into the fire. As the creature crawled from the fire, Steve and Li both set upon it, managing to finish it off.

Afterwards the cultists stated that it was all just an attack in the name of chaos. The leader of this group revealed that there was a bigger plan at stake, but he had no information; a grim proclamation, but for now the team saved the day, minus the paint store and thousands of dollars in collateral damage.

Notes: It was a decent session, but too “fight a monster” for my tastes. The mini campaign I am using has lots of good ideas and plots but It’s going to need some revision. I plan to enter some subplots and have more detective stuff for them to do. I like the notion that normal (basically) low level people who wish to combat the supernatural have to actually study it and get to the bottom of things. I like a good candy golem fight, but I wish there had been more to it. As written the adventure really just required them to realize a truck had been stolen and put out an APB. Since the candy factory attack happened mid-morning, and the final battle occurred late that evening, the group had nothing to do for several hours. I don’t like just saying “time passes” without giving them a chance to do anything, but since there was nothing to do they were confuse on what they should do.

One last thing. During the adventure Li attempted to use a helium tank to attack the creature; he did so by breaking the valve and using it as a rocket. This I felt should incur many penalties and also a roll to see if it hit Steve who was right beside the golem. The initial attack was a miss, I decided there was a 26% (I don’t like standard percentages) chance to hit Steve, I rolled a 27. So there was a nice moment where Steve witnessed a flaming helium tank just barely miss his head. It was hilarious to me.


3 thoughts on “In Which Sugar Stops Killing

  1. On one side, it is perhaps cruel to introduce a setting with supernatural elements that also adheres to Mythbuster’s take on action and realism.

    On the other hand, imagine how much more satisfying it will be when your players next attempt that trick by taping a road flare to a propane tank, rolling it, then piercing it.

    Duct tape makes you smart. Action movie complacency makes you stupid.

    On a side note, this reminds me: you and I need to colate a list of available ammo types, as I feel most RPGs with guns tend to ignore the great variety of things you might shoot out of your firearms. Imagine if your player smiled and said, “I’ve loaded this with tracers” or exploders or some such.

  2. I’ve mostly seen D20 system interpretations of special ammunition, most of which is retarded as they try to balance the different types, as if ammunition designers are concerned with making sure each new type is a side-grade, never an upgrade.

    Hollowpoints/dumdums/expanders and flatenners: less to hit due to being less effective at penetrating, more damage
    Armor Piercing/penetrating rounds: more to hit, but less damage due to less kinetic transferral.
    Incindiary: reflex roll to avoid catching fire

    And so on.

    Wikipedia lacks an article just listing all the ammo permutations, but I’ve gathered the following “modifications” :
    High Explosive
    Armor Piercing
    Squash Head

    It should be noted that most of these can be combined, so you can get High explosive Incindiary Armor Piercing Anti-Tank rounds.

    But man, where’s the list of other ammos, like black talons and whatnot?

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