In Which we Mine for Danger


Our latest adventure took the heroes to Virginia, primarily to a very small town. The problem before them was a news report that mentioned a silver mine closing due to apparent ‘monsters’ hassling the workers. This silver mine is privately owned and sits a few miles outside of town limits, upon reaching this town the heroes discover it to be a miniscule settlement with barely any funding to speak of. Local law enforcement told the heroes if they wanted to place a call they could go down the street and see Mable, who runs the public phone.

I set this adventure in a small town because I wanted my players to remember that this world is still young. Going to a small town in 1940 means pretty much removing yourself from all creature comforts. Plus I like doing impressions of southern-ish small town voices. Plus superheroes all too readily defend cities, but I wanted to set an adventure in a small town where if Sgt. Freedom tosses someone through a wall not only will everyone in town know about it, but he will have upset a majority of the population.

Upon arriving the heroes approached local law enforcement, three of them dressed in civilian attire (well, Sentry one really has one attire) and the other two went in dressed in their star spangled spandex. The team work is getting better. The sheriff was helpful and pointed them towards the silver mine and its owner Sam Tegano. The heroes first approached Tegano who lives on a partially completed ranch two miles from the mine. Tegano’s doorman, a massive wall of muscle in a suit, greeted them. Tegano came out and talked nice, revealing himself to be a man of Italian decent dressed in an expensive suit. Tegano gave the players a map to the mine, some background information, and wished them luck.

The heroes wasted no time exploring the mine and eventually encountered the monsters, who were green scaled, bug eyed, sharp toothed, and dressed in black robes. Despite attempts to negotiate the monsters attacked. The group fell into attack positions, with Sgt. Freedom quickly shoving a pick axe into one of the monster’s spines. Wildfire went last in the initial round choosing only to ignite and ask the monsters to surrender, one of the creatures shouted “Holy crap!” and then tried to shoot her. Liberty Belle deduced that these may not be monsters, so she grabbed one and ripped off its face, revealing a human underneath. Freedom suddenly realized he had just killed a human; bad hero.

Being soundly defeated the ‘monsters’ quickly ratted out Tegano, saying they were hired by him to drive out the workers so he could close the mine and collect the insurance money. Freedom and Liberty decided to confront Tegano immediately while Sentry, Aviator, and Wildfire explored the rest of the mines. Exploring the mines led to a rear entrance and a small camp set up to watch the main entrance.

Freedom and Liberty arrived at Tegano’s ranch in time to see him attempting to leave. Freedom approached him demanding that he stay there. That’s when the huge body guard punched Freedom over a car. Liberty moved into place to combat the big man. Meanwhile the other heroes were arriving, with Aviator carrying, and then launching Sentry at the big man. The impact dazed Sentry, broke the big man’s ribs, and jostled the car causing Tegano to drop his keys. Wildfire landed on the car and demanded that he surrender.

Tegano calmly asked why eh should and they told him about his involvement in the crime. He proceeded to call off his bodyguard, and then removed his watch so they could cuff him. “Something’s wrong,” Said Sentry, “This is too easy”

To be continued…

Thoughts: Of immediate concern is the fact that Freedom has killed a man. Accidents happen, and it was kind of in self defense. Actually he did it because the guy was about to hit Liberty, the invulnerable girl. So really, it’s inexcusable, in a sense. Also the fact that he wanted to wield the pickaxe as a weapon with the monster still attached to it, pretty grim for a 40’s campaign.

Also, if this seems short I’m not overly summarizing, this was written as a short adventure and we got through half of it. In over 3 hours of play. These sessions are becoming side tracked by player conversation and joking. I am not above blame, and have contributed to it. But it bothers me that we get so little done, and in addition much of the mood is lost. I like gaming because of its acting/storytelling component. Currently it feels like we are all just rolling dice.


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