In Which a Conspiracy is Discovered

Continuing from last time, our heroes had uncovered a plot at a small town mine and had just arrested the mine owner due to implications that he masterminded the whole thing.

Arriving in town with villains in tow our heroes were greeted by the sheriff and his men. They took the mine owner into custody, happily admitting that he was suspected in other crimes and a rumored Mafioso. At this point the heroes began to suspect the cops were involved somehow. Also, Sgt. Freedom called his government contacts and cleared himself of any real responsibility for the thug he killed.

The sheriff suggested the heroes join him and the mayor for supper, as his wife “makes a mean pot roast.” Most do so, but with Freedom staying behind at the jail to keep an eye on the prisoners. The other heroes enjoyed a nice meal and friendly conversation. Back at the jail Freedom accepted, but did not drink a cup of cocoa that was secretly spiked with a knock out agent. Eventually after interrogating the prisoners Freedom rejoined his group and had a secret conversation with Sentry.

I had been dropping hints and obvious clues for a while so I don’t recall which of these tipped them off, but they did decide that the sheriff and the mayor were the true enemies. In the cover of darkness the heroes broke into the jail, inside they found the mine owner and his bodyguard but the four prisoners from the mine were gone. Outside Wildfire and Aviator were set upon by the sheriff and his three deputies. And a fight broke out.

The sheriff fought hard and was eventually taken down by three of the heroes (including the weakest disarm contest ever, I think the player rolled a 3, and I rolled a 1). Wildfire, Aviator, and Liberty Belle each took out a deputy. The only true injury suffered by the heroes during this battle was Aviator getting shot in the gut. Once the fight was over the heroes noticed the townspeople gathering around…and cheering them on. Apparently the people lived in fear of the sheriff and the mayor.

As this was going on a car by the edge of town kicked on and began to pull away; the mayor was making a run for it. And this is the bit I liked. The player playing Aviator, possibly due to lack of rules knowledge, was really concerned over his gut shot, which is good. He worried near the end of the fight if his character would pass out and when the town doctor showed up he immediately sat down and accepted aid. And then the mayor took off, and before anyone else could speak Aviator’s player said “I can fly” and then took off after the mayor.

Make no mistake, the other players helped, but Aviator was the one who caught up first and pulled the mayor out. Which I think flowed a bit better. In the end the cops were arrested and the mine owner freed. Freedom expressed interest in finding the four escaped prisoners, but the mine owner assured him that they would be taken care of. So, the heroes were victorious, justice was done, their legend spread, but a possible mafia type was left in a position of power; a good ending.

My notes: This wrap up took longer than I intended, but that’s partly because I felt verbose that night and wished to extend the ending. This is partly due to the candy golem scenario. Had I gone the way I panned the night’s session would have just involved a brawl and the end of the adventure but I didn’t feel like shortchanging it. Also my players seemed to be having a fun time gaming so it was all good.

Except for my returning player who didn’t get to game. Oh well, he should be happy next time.


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