In Which We All Go To The Fair

Two of my players were absent last night which, as you may know, is fine with me. Unless I had something special planned for them, which I didn’t so…onward! This week the adventure was set during the backdrop of the 1939-40 World’s Fair in New York. I figured why use a generic crowd setting when I could play about in one of the most amazing set pieces in recent history.

At the start of the night’s adventure our heroes were approached by Secret Agent Jeff West who informed them that with all the technological advances on display at the fair, it was a good chance for government men to contact scientists under innocent pretenses. Currently a specific deal was going down and West felt it would be prudent to have some extra support in the crowd. As such he had obtained reservations and tickets for the group in New York. One important aspect, he wanted them to be low key, so a majority of this adventure would have them adopting alternate identities and acting in civilian clothing. Except the Sentry who always looks like a civie.

Our heroes (during this adventure were Sgt. Freedom, Liberty Belle, Impulse, and Sentry) made their way to New York and obtained their rooms and retired for the night. The next morning they each put on plain clothes and went to the fair. Upon entering the area Liberty, being a young one, decided candy and games were in order and went off to indulge. Impulse did some scouting and was drawn towards the world’s first 3D movie. Sentry and Freedom entered into the science section of the expo and began looking for any signs of suspicious activity. While there they noticed a group of men all dressed in jeans. They kept tabs on these men but were also sidetracked by Professor Lance Filby who pulled Sentry aside and gave him a set of devices he had made a while back: hand held walkie talkies, much smaller than military issue.

Back in the other half Impulse left his movie and trailed a couple of men in suits to some sort of event that had kids clamoring all over it. One of these ‘kids’ was actually Liberty who had won a large stuffed gorilla. Both of them decided to check out what was going on which led to the revelation that today was July 3rd, known in history as “Superman Day” at the world fair. They stuck around for the crowning of superboy and girl and Impulse decided to check out some of this company’s comics. He wanted an issue of this superman fellow but the only one left was an issue of Action Comics 1 that had been ripped and covered with soda. I also had the DC guy talk about how life imitates art and people around town were talking about some guy in a white cape saving people; this was the second time Impulse had heard these rumors. Finally the two heroes began to trail a suspicious looking group of suited men towards the science expo.

As the heroes began to converge Sentry and Freedom noticed a man with a briefcase making a tradeoff. Freedom went after the case and Sentry accosted the man. It turns out that the man was an agent and the briefcase was important. About that time trouble erupted. The men in jeans began to attack Freedom, while the men in suits seemed to take up attacking positions.

Liberty began taking out suited goons while Sentry worked from the opposite side secretly taking out a good chunk of the jeans wearing thugs. Impulse and Freedom both chased the man with the briefcase to the back of the park, finding him dead and the case gone. They proceeded on and entered an area with an abundant supply of semi trucks, one of which was starting up and heading out. Both men ran for it but Impulse was stopped by a pair of tommy gun wielding thugs. He managed to take them out but was hit twice while doing so. Freedom managed to leap on the back of the truck as it pulled out and held pn to the back door for dear life.

Back in the main area Sentry and Liberty had finished taking out thugs when a fancy car shot out of the back and began tearing off across the crowded area. Sentry pulled off an impressive jump and landed on the car, Liberty kind of stumbled and ended up on the car after being hit by it. Moments later she was thrown free and rolled to a stop. Meanwhile Sentry avoided a shot from the driver’s seat and then managed to tear the door open and jerk the driver out of the car where his momentum carried him into a light pole. Sentry got the car under control and swung around to pick up Liberty, noticing that the case was in the seat beside him. Together he took off to help intercept the truck.

Having been shot twice Impulse took a tommy gun and ran after the truck, slowed from a bullet wound to the leg but still fast enough. As he approached it was apparent that something was wrong, the truck was swerving uncontrollably. Atop the cargo section Freedom struggled to remain standing and made a successful leap to the top of the truck cab. Impulse attempted to take out the engine with his new tommy gun but was unsuccessful.

It was then that the four members of the group saw something white flash from the sky and land in front of the truck. Suddenly the truck slammed to a halt. Of course this sent Freedom flying through the air but he was caught by Impulse. Both men looked at the truck and saw a blue suited man in a long white cape pushing against the front of the large vehicle. Deciding that it would no longer move the caped man turned to face the heroes, saying something to the effect of “Hello, name’s Brio. I figured I should stop the truck but since you have everything else handled I’ll leave you to it.” And then he took off and flew into the sky.

Turns out there were two groups of men fighting for the case, the men in jeans planned to take the truck and make off with the case. However one of the suited men ambushed the carrier, shot him, sabotaged the truck and then took off in his car. Most importantly the case was recovered and the group has built trust with the government.

Notes: And important adventure that I have been planning to run for a while. I knew where I wanted to set it, and I knew what I wanted to accomplish, and I knew the government should be involved in some fashion, but I could never come up with a threat. And then I literally did some random rolling and came up with a plot of two opposing groups fighting over a MacGuffen.

I did some important stuff here. I brought back Jeff West which helps build continuity, and through him I helped build a road for the government to trust these emerging heroes (I have yet to decide how society will view them. I’m thinking of using European terms and calling them ‘science heroes’).

Of course the other big reveal was Brio. The group had seen another individual with powers, and had met a man who wore a costume and had a unique style, but this was their first run in with another real super hero. I may have overdone his strength a bit, but I can always say he pulled off a power stunt.

All in all a good night; of course the heroes never found out who was actually behind the attempted robbery…Moo ha ha!


3 thoughts on “In Which We All Go To The Fair

  1. Noice details with the fair, I loved reading about how each member kind of went off to do their own thing. And, of course, the amazing invention: slightly less bulky walky-talkies! I imagine there will be a campaign, at some point, where someone uses their awesome intelligence and tech know-how to create a device that can cook food safely with radio waves, or an awesome security tool that allows one to record footage from a security camera on something as small as a brick!

  2. I struggle with that somewhat. I have this guilt over altering history, it’s quite silly. When I did the Quasimodo issue I had intended him to be the inventor of the hearing aid, but then felt that would cheat the real life inventor. Of course the real world inventor was a scotsman so that may have aided my hesitation.

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