In Which We Divert to Something Else

Having had a busy and confusing week I entered last night’s game session with no real ideas and even less prepared material. Thus we decided to embark on a one shot session; a murder mystery actually.

I took up the role of a holy man, one who might be involved with some criminal enterprises. With me were a retired army man, a burgeoning actress, an old maid, and a wise professor. Having journeyed to a good doctor’s mansion we were soon shocked to find him murdered, but we were unable to ascertain whom had orchestrated this plot, or how they had done so, and precisely where. In turmoil we each set out to discover the true villain of the hour.

Ok, so we played Clue.

I haven’t played the game in years, though it used to be a favorite of mine. My personal copy is one I obtained from my father and was the version he owned as a child. It’s old and quant and I like it. The one we played last night was a newer version, but not the revamp that has been recently (within a few years) marketed. Even so, I was surprised to see that they were also referring to ‘Mr. Boddy’ as Dr. Black, and that they listed Mr. Green as a Reverend once again. The use of the holy title and the doctor were originally European only traditions, but they seem to have made their way here. I am glad for this.

However, as a negative point, I had to use a different character then I traditionally did. In the past I was always Professor Plum; in my version he is a kindly and portly old scholar and of course in the film he was Dr. Emmitt Brown. In this new version he resembles Waldo (as in ‘where’s Waldo’) wearing a purple suit. So I went for a backup. Since my favorite character in the film is actually Mr. Green, and since they restored his holy title, I played him.

I played him with a very heavy British accent that occasionally became Sean Connery. Just because we were not role playing doesn’t mean I couldn’t role play. I take my Clue very seriously, and I can be a cut throat player, so I may have gotten into things a little too much. I hurled accusations (ahem, suggestions) towards that harlot Scarlett for much of the night and would verbally denounce any attempt to frame me for such murders; in the end my baseless accusations were found to be God’s truth and Scarlett was removed from our sight. In the second session I knew that Scarlett was innocent and thus used her as an unwilling accomplice while I followed Mrs. White for much of the session as she kept suggesting that she was the murderer, very suspicious indeed. I may have relied on her too much as Scarlett revealed that it was in fact the old Officer who had killed Dr. Black.

I had fun reliving one of my favorite childhood things, and since two of the group had never played before I was able to pass on some knowledge. I feel that Clue holds up very well, and in fact has a long ‘in game’ history behind it. A lot of effort and love has gone into this game and I enjoy getting way into it.


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