In Which We fight Death, an Angel, and a Soldier

Tonight, a fight!

Our group began a bit late so we didn’t get far but what we accomplished seemed to go well.

I began with Wildfire and Sgt. Freedom on patrol, a nice tactic for leaping right into a clue. Soon they noticed a man with a gun emerging from a cheap hotel. Calling in for backup they split into two directions, Freedom and The Aviator followed the man’s car while Wildfire and Impulse searched the hotel.

The only thing of note in the hotel was wet prints in the carpet leading to the basement and towards a door marked sewer access. Impulse did a cursory inspection of the sewer system; he found nothing. They then left to hook up with the other heroes.

At this point it was revealed that Sentry had been hiding in the back of the team car so he was on sight with Aviator and Freedom (In reality he had an emergency and was running late), personally I thought it was funny that he would be hiding in the car awaiting danger. The man they followed stopped his car at a cemetery and proceeded on foot. Our trio followed, fairy carefully and with various levels of success. Soon the remaining members showed up and joined them. The mystery man began searching tombstones and obviously looking for something.

After the heroes failed to really make a movie, I suppose I can’t blame them, I rolled a good spot check and had the man notice them; turning with his flashlight he announced that he was aware of them. Negotiations began, but were interrupted by a stone angel attacking the group. Impulse acted first, as always, and pulled two of the heroes out of the way. Aviator had nightvision in his helmet and spotted the grim reaper and a soldier proceeding towards the group. He attempted to launch a bolo at the reaper but as it was also made of stone it snapped his line like twine. Stone golems are fun things to throw at people.

I would also point out that somehow I included a stone angel in my campaign and completely missed the connection to Doctor Who. I’m losing my touch.

Sentry launched into action, finding a 2×4 and breaking it on the stone angels head. The angel then did not break it’s sword on Sentry, but did send him flying. The mystery man stepped forward, confidently announcing that he could handle this; he then fired a bolt of mystical energy at the angel which did nothing. He then retrieved his revolver and panicked. Wildfire ended the turn by setting a tree on fire, it was an accident but also lit the area so there were no more penalties for darkness.

On the next round Impulse tried an unusual tactic. Knowing his super fast, but still human, hands could not hurt a stone angel he began to look for tools. With his success I stated that he now had the cemetery mapped out and could provide implements for any team mate who wanted one at any time, due to his super speed. This worked well for Sentry who leapt into action and immediately had a hammer placed into his hand.

For the most part combat went well. Most of the toughness checks for the statues ended up being really high, so it took a while to whittle them down; however a natural twenty rolled by Freedom allowed him to football tackle one in half. The group then used its pieces to beat the remaining statues to death. That combined with Wildfire superheating the statues lead to a pretty good fight. The only person who came out of it looking bad was the mystery man who never really got a shot in. I wanted to downplay the guns effects but he ended up missing nearly every turn.

After the combat was over Wildfire actually took charge and demanded the stranger tell them his name. At the time I shrugged it off, but thinking back on it she wasn’t very polite. I must mention hat to her, with Wildfire supposedly being unfailingly polite. But anyways the stranger introduced himself as Phillip Dresden, an investigator with some minor mystical training. He informed them of a series of five artifacts that were being used for ill purpose on the city; what ill effects? Possibly stealing everyone’s shoes.

After a short discussion he determined them to be heroes and asked for their assistance. It seems the final artifact is being held in a theatre but the warlock who has put the spell together managed to place a ward on the theatre that will keep out any mystical agents. And next week they will probably do that.

Notes: Pretty good session. Each player did well, and the combat flowed nicely with decent amounts of damage. Sentry got beat like a ragdoll but always popped back up; this is keeping with his pulpish origins. I also boba fett-ed Aviator, having his backpack malfunction and shoot him across the graveyard, which he looped back and pulled off a slam attack, so kudos. All in all, good teamwork.

As for myself, I’m kind of disappointed in my portrayal of Dresden. I think I went to frantic; he should have been a bit more laid back, or at least serious. However at this point in the story he has been awake for two solid days, fought some thugs, ran from sewer monsters, is running on caffeine, and just survived a fight with stone entities in a graveyard while meeting super heroes.  I think frantic is ok, I’ll just play him differently next time and explain it away with sleep.


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