In Which We Go To the Show

Note: I was unable to update on Wednesday. Expect irregular updates during October as I will be busy. On the other hand I am planning to update more during October because I have stuff planned. Game updates should still be posted on Saturdays.

Last night we concluded our previous session.

The heroes met with the supernatural detective and discussed the details of their job. This resulted in them entering a theatre house under false pretenses during a full rehearsal and attempting to discover the artifact and the evil wizard.

During the course of this two of my players fell asleep. One not soon enough as she was so drowsy that she had become loopy and was disruptive. And then a married couple came over. It was not a well oiled session.

Essentially they had a limited number of suspects: the harried director, the angry stage manager, the rude Morgan Bancroft playing the second villain, the opulent fat man playing the main villain, or Stephen Flynn playing the stalwart hero. Liberty Belle spent much time backstage, mostly annoying actors and trying to find clues. Sgt. Freedom and Impulse interrogated people. And Sentry watched it all from the rafters.

Eventually Morgan stabbed Flynn during rehearsals (apparently on accident) and Impulse discovered the director dead; this lead to a large, but quick, fight between some sentient roman costumes and the players. I must point out that here one player used a hero point to “be awesome”, so Sentry made a dramatic entrance from the rafters and took out a costume. The fight continued until the players won at which point Freedom went to interrogate Bancroft and Sentry went to do the same to Flynn.

As it was Bancroft’s big plan was to get drunk, so as he was harmless Freedom went to assist others. On the other hand it turns out that Flynn was in fact the evil wizard. He engaged the heroes in a short battle before they managed to break the artifact and ruin his plans. He then made a short speech and disappeared. Later the detective would confirm that the name Flynn had used at the end, Flins, was the name of a Scandinavian death god. What does this mean? Who knows.

The day was saved and the theatre production as shut down. This will probably lead to Bancroft getting a starring role in a production of “Mourning Becomes Elektra”.

Notes: As mentioned a variety of problems lead to this session being very disoriented; I myself was distracted and am not free of blame. But I accomplished most of what I wanted to, so it all works.

A couple of my players were scared of Bancroft because they knew him from a previous campaign; however some were not for the same reason. Before he was a hero, and a master of mystical arts, now he appears to be an actor. What’s going on with him? Is there a deeper purpose? Will my players tire of this?

Still, he’s fun to use because he’s an asshole.


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