Monday Update: Halloween plans

I like Halloween; more now than when I was a kid.

As a child it was fun, going around and getting candy, but I was a fat kid with glasses so my costume selection as limited. I think the best one was when I went as the Terminator, I had a cool looking half face prosthetic to make me look like one, but I had to sacrifice my ability to actually see to do so.

Another problem with my youth and Halloween was my attendance at a Christian school. We were informed that Halloween was a night of ill omens and it belonged to Satanists the school refused to do anything remotely related to Halloween and we were discouraged from doing such things on our own time. I typically complied since I was one of the very few kids who attended the school as a way to get an honest education so I tended to at least present a ‘good boy’ front.

This is not to say I was an angel, but that’s a topic for another time.

As I left the school and got older I began to become interested in my Scottish heritage more and more. I became interested in the fact that Halloween can trace much of its goings on back to Scottish traditions. So I did a lot of research and was surprised to find out that while there are paganistic applications to the holiday it was not the night of evil I had been told. Halloween is derived from holiday Samhain.

And despite what Loomis says, Samhain is not the Celtic god of death.

In short, and I am trying to be brief here, Samhain was a festival that celebrated the transition f summer to winter. The people took measures to scare off evil spirits, and they had a big fire and lit the village hearths with it to celebrate togetherness, and generally seemed to have a good time.

So sure, evil spirits were involved. That’s how we got pumpkins; back in the day they carved scary faces into radishes. Which is crazy, because those things are small. But hey, people believed in that stuff, it wasn’t evil, just life.

As for the rest of it the holiday seemed to revolve around eating and celebrating family togetherness. I can get behind that, and ever since have hosted a Halloween cook out each year in honor of my heritage and as a jab at that school.

But with all that said, I do loves me some scary stuff. So over the next few weeks I am going to attempt to cover a few Halloween movies, but not in my normal format. For the first week, at least, I will cover a classic series of movies on one day, and then later in the week I will cover the remakes made of it.

And then Saturday will of course be game day, because that can’t change.

I love scary movies. I love Halloween. I hope I can entertain some of you over the next month.


2 thoughts on “Monday Update: Halloween plans

  1. As a past attendant at your Halloween soiree, I can state with veracity that I quite enjoy your interpretation of the holiday. Also, your time at your religious school fascinates me, being a heathen product of the godless public school system, where we frequently consumed goat hearts and openly mocked God for being a ponce.

  2. That I am still religious, and in fact a holy man, facinates me. Most of the people I know who attended ‘religious’ schools have turned their back on at least rhe religion set forth by that school.
    It seems I have bucked some kind of trend.

    You need to come to another of my parties.

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