In Which Heroes Clash With Gods

So we missed a couple weeks of our normal campaign and things have been a bit slow so I decided to skip issue 11 and go right for issue 12.

The adventure began with the heroes catching a “calling all cars” broadcast concerning a bank robbery. The heroes raced to the scene and were welcomed by the sergeant on site, who deferred command to them and asked how they wished to proceed. Inside the bank The Elitists had taken hostages and were threatening to shoot their way out. The heroes split into sub-groups and quickly bolted into action, promptly disabling all of the robbers, except one. This last robber was stopped cold by a gun wielding ADA who had seen the heroes in action before.

The ADA was thankful that the heroes saved the day, and witnessed that the cps seemed accepting of the costumed do-gooders. He decided to invite them to a special event occurring that night. He bought them each a ticket to a new feature produced by Disney and thus my players got to attend the second ever showing of Fantasia. Since this was the forties it was indeed a significant social event. Many prominent people were in attendance and it was a black tie affair, except for my heroes who showed in full costume. The costume was their idea, and I felt it was a big choice so I actually went out of character and declared either option safe, and should they go in civilian clothing they would not have their identities revealed. But they felt they should do the promotional thing and stay in costume, plus it’s more exciting and we are in a comic book.

The movie began normally, with me providing a few tidbits of info. Some were certain scenes excised from the final cut of Fantasia and others were just description to let them recall how the movie was progressing. And then the “Night on Bald Mountain” segment began. For those who do not remember or know, this segment features a large demonic entity emerging from a mountain and calling out all the dead souls from the town below and watching them dance. At the end he is stopped by the beginning of Ave maria and the coming dawn.

Here, as the music began, a man in the front row began to scream and in a loud explosion was replaced with a barbaric figure clad in leather and a grey cloak. He raised his axe and declared himself to be Perun, god of thunder. Respectfully my heroes once again split tasks. Impulse and Sgt. Freedom both began assisting people out of the theatre. Liberty Belle and Aviator engaged in combat. Wildfire attempted negotiations (She also went last and thus failed), while Sentry began to observe and hide in the shadows waiting to strike.

Now I could point out that in the first part of the fight basically all Sentry did was hide and avoid danger. I actually like this, because Perun claimed to be a god, and seemed to back it up. People nowadays like to envision batman as an unstoppable badass. He is not; he is an exceptionally well trained man. If he fought Thor, it would be a smack down, with Thor wiping bat mush from his hammer. So, Sentry hid, badassaly.

The fight progressed pretty well, the heroes whittling Perun down, doing damage but nothing severe to end the fight soon. Wildfire complained that she was doing nothing, but truthfully her blasts did damage every time they connected. Perun caused Liberty to actually feel pain again, and he nearly took Aviator’s head off. At the end Sentry approached the weakened Perun and declared himself to be a god. Perun fell for the bluff and was caught off guard lowering his defenses for one round. The heroes piled on the damage and felled the big man.

When he fell the big man reverted back to a simple movie patron. The music stopped and the demon on the mountain laughed at the heroes before fading away. In the back of the theatre Flins (the evil ‘actor’ from a previous adventure) clapped and asked the heroes if they believed in gods yet. He made his escape, by teleporting, and the heroes went outside to the adulation of the public; they are now true super heroes.

Notes: I reused the Elitists. Initially I didn’t want them to get out of jail so soon, but I waved it away with “it’s a comic” and because I felt they would book end the ‘season’ nicely. As it was only an intro I wrote this batch up as mooks and the fight went well, the leader was the last to drop only because he made his toughness saves. The main purpose here was to show the support of law enforcement for the heroes. They have been high profile for a year now and it’s time they got recognition. I also reintroduced the ADA Dan Hammond, a supporting character I want to use.

Then I gave them a flashy intro to the party as a way of cementing their image to the public. I also like how Charlie simply facepalmed when I began to describe things going wrong. Every time they go somewhere nice, bad things happen.

The final villain, Perun was meant to help reinforce the mythos I am running with. DC uses Greek, Marvel has Norse, and so I’m going for Scandinavian. Are they really gods? Maybe. Isn’t Perun actually a ‘good’ god? Maybe.

I was also amused that there seemed to be serious consideration given to running to New York to try and find Brio. “What do you do when a god attacks? Get superman.” To be honest I did consider a deus ex machina option, and have someone show up to help. But I think it worked better this way, I like that they succeeded, as a team even. I also had a time limit set up, although it was pretty high so I doubt it would have gone that long.

I hope it was a satisfying conclusion to their first ‘year’, and I feel I have established a few seeds for the oncoming stories.  Next week we will shift gears a bit to try out a new system before trying out a new system.


One thought on “In Which Heroes Clash With Gods

  1. First off, I must say you always integrate period pieces quite well. I mean, 1940’s and you’d probably expect your team to be rubbing shoulders with Hitler, the atomic bomb or something, but you’re like “they went to a period movie!” Not just that, but a movie we’re all familiar with, though I’d be interested to know if any of your players hadn’t seen it.

    As for fighting gods, I imagine it’s difficult to balance kickass gods without cheesing off your players by introducing elements with which they stand little chance at doing anything.

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