A Discussion of Dance of the Dead

Note: this review is for the movie produced by Ghost House Underground. There is another Dance of the Dead but it has no bearing on anything. Also, this is a day late, I apologize.


Dance of the Dead is an awesome movie. It is not the best made zombie movie. It is not the most engaging zombie movie. But it is an awesome movie. The film concerns a group of high school outcasts, each one having a reason to not attend the prom, but each on having strong feeling son said event. And then zombies begin showing up, sometimes I explosive ways. These misfits soon band together and then, because prom is on the brain, they head to the school to save all their friends.

Dance of the Dead was made on the cheap, but pleasantly you won’t often be able to tell. There are moments, such as a decapitated head or arm that appears far too fake, however everything is filmed very well. The lighting is always appropriate and combined with the cinematography give the film a very polished and professional look. It also helps that the crew knew they were going for awesome so the tone of the film helps to polish any rough spots. How can I complain about a poorly done severed head when there are zombies literally exploding from their graves?

Now, if you read the bit about exploding from their graves and felt that was a bit silly then maybe this movie isn’t for you. I would however suggest that any zombie emerging from a grave is a silly concept; even a healthy and fit man would be unable to break free from a locked coffin buried under a ton of earth. So frankly, when Zombies blast from the ground with a lust for life I am all aboard.

I was also surprised that there was decent characterization here. True the characters are pretty one dimensional, but the film attempt to make that dimension fun and enjoyable. I liked all the characters, from the redneck asshole to the cheerleader, even to the gym teacher who rocks a pretty badass bathrobe.

There really isn’t much more to say. Zombies show up, teens kick ass, music is a weapon, made on the cheap, well used budget, fun characters. Dance of the Dead is well worth seeing but I have had to debate on what score to give it. I fear that by rating a movie a three it gives the erroneous impression that the film is not good. I enjoyed the film, but am not sure how often I would rewatch it. In the end I’m going to do what I always do: rank it for what it is.

Dance of the Dead is a fun zombie action comedy, and amongst fun zombie action comedies it gets a 4/5.


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