In Which we Carve Up Some Turkey

Since working in retail means no rest for Thanksgiving I decided my group should game on. However two of the group could not make it due to work and illness. So that left us with four members for last night’s game: Achilles the warrior reborn, Nigel the British werewolf, Rockstar the man of granite, and Fantasy the servant android.

Our adventure took place in Metro City, the day before thanksgiving. In Metro City the mayor hosts a large food festival in the city center. As the people eat and talk a large parade travels the city. As the evening grows later most people adjourn to the main center tent and wait to watch the parade on its return trip adorned with lights and music.

Deciding that they were already an established super team the heroes made an appearance to mingle with the people and just have a good time. However as the party went on a bright orange beam of energy blew one of the main tables apart. From a balcony adjacent to the city center a voice rang out announcing the arrival of “The Puritan” who wished to destroy this travesty on the noble name of Thanksgiving.

He then sent in his Pilgrim followers who set upon the heroes with their blunderblasters. Standard thugs armed with energy guns and silly hats stood little chance against trained superheores and soon half the minions were defeated. That was when the Puritan ordered in his secret weapon, and loud gobbling filled the night sky. The heroes looked on in a blend of confusion/horror/and laughter as three turkeys, each twice the size of a man, appeared at the edge of the crowd.

Even with this threat the villain stood little chance, quickly seeing his thugs and mutant turkeys fall. Finally the Puritan himself was defeated and taken into custody. The heroes managed to save Thanksgiving.

Notes: Yeah…it was a bit silly. With Icons I planned to go for a Saturday morning cartoon feel. I think I fell a bit too much into cartoony, but the notion of mutant turkeys was too good to pass up. The system itself is a bit more complex than I assumed/wanted. It shouldn’t be too hard to get into once I know it better though.


2 thoughts on “In Which we Carve Up Some Turkey

  1. I really am very proud of you, since you quite reservedly named your Thanksgiving-themed villain “The Puritan” and not something altogether more punny. Did your heroes beat the stuffing out of him? Was his goose cooked? Did he yammer on? Was his real name Carver?

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