In Which We face Sin…have I used that before?

Once more my players gathered to play ICONS. This time I decided to be lazy, as lazy as a man who works, goes to school, is prepping for finals, runs two clubs, belongs to a couple more, writes adventures, updates a blog, and still manages to maintain relationships and have fun can be. I ran the sample adventure from the back of the book, it seemed quite exciting and well put together. But let this be a warning, if you are planning to run said adventure or partake in it there will be spoilers ahead.

We began the adventure with a narrative opening involving two supervillains beating the ever loving crap out of each other in a department store. The first was the neigh unstoppable Troll (picture the Hulk villain ‘Abomination’ and you are nearly there) and the second was the savage Recluse (Picture Spiderman, but he looks like a spider, and is evil, and spits acid.). As our heroes arrived on scene the villains were nowhere in sight, but the building was becoming structurally unsound. Fantasy split into six versions of herself and performed crowd control. Achilles and Agent Droid entered the building attempting to find the bad guys. Hiram (the teams Jewish mind controller) used his power to ease the panic of the trapped people while our remaining member helped them outside; ‘Remaining’ implying Amanda who has no names for her character(s).

Eventually the team found a large hole in the ground and followed it to an old abandoned subway station. As they landed they noticed three very important things: Troll and Recluse slugging it out, an express train coming their way, and rubble strewn upon the damaged tracks. The two combat heroes immediately attempted to stop recluse, but he avoided their attacks easily. Hiram took mental control of Troll and used him to grab Recluse and then the third rail. This had the effect of stunning Recluse and snapping Troll out of the mind control. Once more Fantasy split into multiple selves and set about trying to find a way to switch the train onto less damaged tracks.

Amanda’s character engaged Recluse in hand to hand combat, scoring a hit but quickly taking a heavy one as well. She then went to help switch the train tracks, and then cleared rubble by transforming the rock into marshmallow. A short while later the team stopped Recluse and managed to control Troll long enough to put him in custody. They then discovered that Recluse had been mind controlled himself, and was forced to attack Troll.

Following information Recluse gave them they headed to the museum where they soon found that everyone inside had been rendered unconscious. A check of the security systems found evidence that a group of men had gassed the place and stolen an artifact. They then went to the warehouse Recluse had mentioned and found it on fire. Another check found that all security cameras and files were wiped out, but they found a dock worker who had been bribed to help a ship come in and had stolen some sort of canister from the ship. They found the container and discovered it had the gas inside. A chem. Check showed it to use Chinese ingredients so they went to china town and found the bad guys lair.

There was a Chinese ninja fight that they easily won and then were confronted by Dr. Sin, an evil mastermind and mind controller. He took control of Agent droid and was about to use him to kill the others but Hiram mentally wrestled him for control. Meanwhile the others attempted to stop Sin but he’s a tough old bird. Hiram managed to restore Droid’s control of himself and he stopped the fight by using his super strength to cover Sin’s eyes. Unable to see his prey Sin gave up and was taken into custody.

Notes: I was interested to see how this would work out. Using random character generation means there is little room to have a balanced team, and in fact my players have a pretty potent team. Putting them up against an unstoppable monster and a mind controller initially seemed worrysome, but they handled it well.

I may have to read up on the mind control, it seemed very potent and was able to defuse situations a bit too easily, but then again the player using it is geared right towards it so it does feel legit. The defeat of Sin was imaginative and I like that it was basically just a super strong guy holding the villain in place. I would like to use Sin again, he’s very powerful but since we were low on time I didn’t get to be really vicious with him.

My players come through these things too unscathed…that should change.


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