Monday update: December posting plans

It is December, and I find that I must make a few accommodations to my blog. Originally I had planned on reviewing nothing but my favorite Christmas movies here. That plan is changing due in small part to necessity.

On the first I posted a review of The Orphanage, not very Christmas feeling but I had been sitting on it for a bit. This past weekend I had my usual roleplaying post. Wednesday I will begin with the Christmas movie reviews, but don’t expect Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I walk a different path.

On the tenth I am heading to Chicago which would normally harpoon my standard weekend roleplaying post. Instead I have a review of the original Tron set to upload then. When I return the next week I will upload on Wednesday a special roleplaying post from my time in Chicago; then another on the weekend from my usual group.

And that weekend should see the release of Tron Legacy which I fully intend to review here. From there on out…it’s Christmas movies all the way.


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