In Which We Meet a Watery Tart

Our adventure tonight began with the heroes on a nighttime patrol. Nearing the shipping yard they noticed several men in armor and carrying spears. The heroes quickly moved to intercept these men and a battle broke out. The men in armor were actually carrying tridents and set about using them viciously but to little avail being easily handled by the heroes. The leader of the armored men seemed to be holding his own well to the point that after he knocked Nigel the werewolf for a loop they began using diplomacy.

The man stated that they were basically underwater cops and a vile terrorist was coming to steal a MacGuffin from a nearby ship. I actually said cruise ship but clearly one wouldn’t be parked there. As he was explaining this Nigel came back into play and nearly rendered the armored water cop unconscious. About that time they heard a series of boat engines (they make noise mother****er) and set about taking precautions.

As the group did so the water cop (who is actually a lemurian) announced that NaughtyLass, Wench of the Waves, was about to strike. And so she was, all dressed as a sexy sailor woman.

Four of the group hid, Rockstar climbed about the cruise ship, and Achilles just stood at the edge of the water watching. Janice used her luck control to short out the engine of one boat effectively cutting off one set of thugs. Rockstar leapt down onto another boat taking it out before sinking to the bottom. And then Achilles jumped onto NaughtyLass’ boat and took out one of her henchmen.

Rockstar swam back up and took out the main boat depositing a number of them in the water where Naughtylass began whooping up on Achilles until he managed to hit her on dry land. Nigel took out the remaining thugs and the combined might of the heroes on dry land managed to stop Naughtylass.

The lemurian stepped in and said that he was taking custody of the terrorist. She protested claiming to be an American citizen. Amazingly Agent Droid spoke up and protested them taking her away. The lemurian shoved her into the water, cuffing her first, and stated that she was now in his jurisdiction.

Notes: A fun little combat scenario, I had been holding onto Naughtylass for a while. I loved the name pun way more than I should. Plus aquatic themed characters usually get a raw deal, so it was fun making one that seemed cool. On the down side I loaded up her thugs with weapons to actually work on the heroes, and then proper team work pretty much took them all out in one turn.

I also never got close enough to use Naughtylass’ water drain power to heal her; though she lasted quite a while on her own, so it might have been for the best.

This will conclude the Icons adventures for a bit, I have a character Trod made up that I want to use but I’ll save him for when we return to this setting.


4 thoughts on “In Which We Meet a Watery Tart

  1. How much would the thugs have wiped the floor with the heroes if they hadn’t been axed in one turn? Man, that’s the thing about superhero RPGs, sometimes your players become unstoppable without judicious application of radioactive rocks from their home planet.

    Why was it amazing that Agent Droid spoke up? Do they usually just accept what NPCs do with defeated villains? If so you should punish that so much.

  2. The thugs probably would not have been much trouble, but several of them were armed with grenade launchers so that they might stand a chance. I figure at best they would have been a distraction allowing Naughtylass to go about her plan or take out the heroes…which is actually what she was using them for

    This is the saturday morning cartoon setting, so I just assume the villains are mean and deserving of their punishment. So when an NPC tries to take one into custody I had in no way given thought to extradition rules and was amazed that one of my players would not only have thought of it but actually seemed to want to enforce it.

  3. Maybe your players are ready for the modern age, where instead of fighting superheroes they go to group therapy and spend half their time in court.

    What would you do if one of the henchpeople managed a lucky shot and blew one of your players’ heads off?

  4. Cheat. Superhero RPing is not about death, so there would be no blowing of heads off. If it was a ehro with high toughness I would suggest the round impacted their face and the concussive force rendered them unconscious. For a more breakable hero: the round imacted very near them and the concussive shockwave rendred them unconcious.

    As a side note, when I say it’s not about death I mean PC death. Civilians die, because without endangerment to innocents it is not very superheroic to beat up bad guys. People can die in these games, but barring extreme bad luck, plot points, or player idiocy the heroes tend tos survive. Hell, I had a player leap in front of a Semi going full speed. I let him live.

    And also, no there will be no issues dealing with one of my players talking to a psychietrist. Ultimate Spiderman may be 80% awesome, but that falls into the other 20%.
    DEaling with legal matters is a time honored comic condition though, but i doubt i’d work that in.

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