Oh my Grodd!

Our latest session went a bit off track. Each of us lacked focus, and conversations would pop up and we would follow them to tangential conclusions. So here is a barebones description of what happened as best I can recall/put together and the plot so far.

Fifteen minutes after the last adventure we are witness to the US Secret Service securing the area of the president’s escape pod. The heroes dispersed: Captain Marvel went home to do his day job, at night; Batman went to the batcave, presumably to investigate; Zatanna and Wonder Woman went to the watchtower to have a pillow fight; and Martian Manhunter investigated the scene.

Eventually they deciphered that the kidnapper was Cheetah and tracked her back to an abandoned factory. The factory had working power, strange advanced machines, a bunch of copper plates, and greenish paint residue. The strange machines were discovered to be gorilla tech (implicating Gorilla Grodd), and an NPC pointed out that the paint looked very much like the oxidized copper of the Statue of Liberty.

And off our heroes went, to Liberty Island. WW, Zee, and Batman took out a pair of gorilla guards; MM went invisible and investigated the inside of the statue; Captain Marvel flew to the torch and found the president attached to a newly manufactured torch that in reality is a bomb. Solomon Grundy snuck up behind him and punched him into the air.

Notes: So, yeah…nothing happened. I blame myself as well as the others, but let’s look at some of the problems anyways.

Again, too many players. I am thinking that a person can either have “A really good story about a lone hero, or a mediocre one about lots of heroes.” This occurs a lot. Perhaps it is more of a miscommunication; perhaps there are disinterests that I am not seeing. But it remains that we basically had a lot of heroes standing about doing nothing.

A couple players mostly bickered about who could beat who in a fight, no one really seemed to care that the President had gone missing. There were some really insane outside the box theories of how to proceed as opposed to simply looking at the evidence five feet away and running a simple computer sample.

I’m also somewhat tired of the “why can’t I do this?” question, because the answer is typically “because it’s not written on your sheet.” The answer is then met with random evidence of why it should be possible. I should note that M&M is a system that, and this has been pointed out to the players more than once, ‘if it’s on your sheet you can do it, if not you can’t, unless you use a hero point and then you can do nearly anything providing you have a good reason.’

Perhaps I should start drinking every time I GM a session.


2 thoughts on “Oh my Grodd!

  1. Yeesh. Sounds like a mess. How long did you wait until the NPC told them to go to the statue? The few games I’ve run might have had very little actually happen in them, but I feel there was at least some good character interaction between peeps. But if all they’re doing is arguing who could beat up whom then that’s not quality interaction, obviously. More points against playing “celebrities.”

    Does the “why can’t I do this” come up alot in superhero RPGs? I imagine it’s a little annoying since there’s always been alot of discussion about what random things you could do with, say, MM’s powerset.

    So when you have a remedial understanding of physics and biology and the ability to phase through things, maybe you would become ten times more dangerous than MM ever was. But as long as “colon explosion” isn’t on your sheet then you’ll remain frustrated.

  2. I’m not sure of actual time, it may not have been as drastic as I remember it. Still seemed pretty weird to me. Plus the comic book fans were not the ones to deduce the identity of the villain…which was odd.

    I would point out that regardless of using pre-made characters or not there does tend to be a bit of ‘My cape is longer than yours.’

    The limit on power-usage does come up a bit. But usually it’s not a problem, it becomes a problem when ‘proof’ is given as to why a character should be able to do something.
    Now to be fair one player was suggesting things that were suggested he could do but he missed the bit where they were power stunts and not freebies.

    It really boils down to what kind of ‘fan’ are you. I believe in plausability so I will use comics as reference for what a character can do so long as it doesn’t make my BS meter go off. Others feel that sine Wolverine survived a nuke he should be able to do so in game. Which is annoying.

    Granted I have said “Master Lame fell from orbit, why do guns kill him so fast.” But I feel statements such as that fall more into the game failing to give me the experience they advertised whereas the wolverine example is just poor writing backed up by a form of fan gullability.

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