State of my Blog, or why there are no movie reviews this month.

So I have been slacking a bit lately, and I apologize for that.

What really upsets me is not that I have been neglecting my schedule, but that I haven’t at least put up some sort of improve post explaining why these things are not posted.

I’m fixing this now; this is my ‘state of my blog’ post.

Today I have started back at college after the Christmas break. First I had to work, and then night classes, this will happen again on Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday I will be on campus all day. Fridays should be a relaxing day of simply work. In this first week I also have a script to memorize for a show I stupidly took part in. Also, all the other things in life I must continue to do.

This is not me complaining.

But, this is me being very busy. So for the month of January there will be no movie reviews. I will attempt, very strongly, to continue to update you on my RPG affairs over the weekend. I will also attempt to do some random postings at various intervals. You might think “if you can do random stuff, why no movies.” My answer: Random can happen anytime and is not in itself a promise.

I will resume movie reviews in February, and to mark the occasion it will be themed month. I hereby declare February to be Robin Hood month. So that should be fun.

I also want to try and put up some book reviews, since I’m in a book club. I’ll work out when those will happen.

So for anyone who checks my blog regularly hoping for new updates…uh, don’t stop.


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