Oh my Grodd! part two

A better session was had this time around as my players continued to save President Harrison Ford from Gorilla Grodd. It was a pretty easy session too, since it was really just one big slugfest.

Already at the Statue of Liberty the heroes set about their various methods of rescue. Batman began by merging with the shadows and approaching the statue entrance. Disregarding chronological listing I’ll say it felt very batman-esque. He did the stealth thing to the entrance, used bolos on the guard, stealthed his way inside and used a flash bomb on the inside guards, and then used his grapple gun to scale the inner stairs.

Martian manhunter was already inside the statue and used his powers to imitate an ape guard. He then knocked out a few of the gorilla goons, leaving the way pretty clear for Batman, before heading up to face the big boy.

Down at the docks Wonder Woman had to face off against Cheetah, while Zatanna tackled a couple of Gorilla guards. The WW/Cheetah fight looked like it could have been pretty even, but some luck enabled WW to pull a scorpion: she lassoed cheetah and then knocked her flat out. Zatanna dropped the two guards by changing them into bunnies.

As Captain Marvel flew back to the torch he was joined by the Green Lantern. Marvel tried to grab Grundy but the undead behemoth had readied an uppercut and stopped him short. GL tried to use his ring and remove Grundy but Solomon was too strong and managed to hold on. Grundy then launched himself at GL and punched but failed to inflict damage. Marvel then uppercutted Grundy into the atmosphere and decided to follow.

Inside I had been attempting to have Grodd locate all the heroes mentally and then mind control them. He finally succeeded and took over Zatanna whom then tried to turn WW into a pig. This failed. And then Martian Manhunter entered the top of the statue and struck Grodd; MM would do this a couple more times until Batman arrived. This freed Zatanna and thus she and WW began to tie up Cheetah.

Outside GL got the President free and dropped him off at the Empire State building. He then returned to inspect the bomb. Up in the atmosphere Grundy was unable to move; Marvel decided that killing the beast would only cause it to resurrect so he instead punched it into deep space.

Inside Batman arrived at the top and saw a distracted Grodd. He then threw a sleeping gas pellet at him and thanks to a major failure Grodd went down. With the boss taken down the gorilla guards snapped out of their trances and became normal gorillas again. The heroes all gathered around the bomb.

I said the timer and instructions were in gorilla. They pointed out that GL has a universal, literally, translator. I said the timer had ten seconds on it. GL stuck it in a bubble and flew it into space where it detonated but was contained in his bubble. And thus, they saved the day.

Notes: A much more focused game session. There was some disjointedness but this time mostly due to having to look stuff up and a lack of familiarity with the way the fight scenes will now work. To explain we are now taking actions and then describing, which should make the fights a bit more dramatic even if they end quickly.

I was annoyed that Grodd’s mental locator wasn’t working for me; next time I’ll probably just handwave it and move on to the mind control. After all, Grodd is smart. I also didn’t get to use any banter with him which is depressing.

As for the bomb, it would have changed every one in its area, which was the entirety of New York, into gorillas. I was hoping the players would attempt to disarm it, because I would have set the difficulty pretty high and just had its range reduced. Then they would have had to be gorilla versions of the heroes. Oh well.

Next week we will begin what is planned to be the last DC based adventure; hopefully moving on to our normal stuff. Not sure yet, life is confusing and busy.


2 thoughts on “Oh my Grodd! part two

  1. Overall, this sounds like it could have been an episode of DCAU. Man, superpowers have a way of surprising you in ways writers don’t have to deal with. Like Grodd biffing that roll and going to sleep like that.

    With that in mind I think it’s actually keeping with the setting to gm-fiat your villains’ tools and powers. Poor Grodd.

  2. Yeah I was a bit sad at how he went down. He’s a fun mastermind with a actual reason to take over the world: he want’s ape superiority.
    I always like reasons for why someone would want to rule the world and while his is wacky it is understandable.

    I probably should have pulled a fiat but it seems to be a less-used thing in 3rd edition so I was scaling back a bit. Next time however…

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