Fear and Lightning

Last night we had a session that was both a success and a failure. Of the two I would have to say the success outweighed however, since the players seemed to have fun.

We began with the heroes cleaning up the mess from last session. Batman left. Wonder Woman and Zatanna were using the invisible jet to fly Cheeta to an acceptable prison. Green Lantern used his power ring to make a giant barrel and carted the now ordinary gorillas to a zoo. Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel kept watch on Gorilla Grodd and then called Gorilla city to have a squad of troops come pick him up. Because neither of them are super strong and can fly there much faster than even advanced gorilla tech can manage. That was sarcasm.

As they twiddled their super thumbs a huge sonic boom resounded through the night and Martian Manhunter went flying. Captain Marvel flew up to observe the area and called for Mr. Terrific to teleport Grodd to the watchtower. You know, I’m a geek and even these names all rammed together is sounding funny. Anyways, Marvel soon found himself face to face with Black Adam, and with satisfaction I found my players to be quite distressed over this.

They tussled for a bit, calling Wonder Woman back to the scene. She would not arrive until it was too late. As they fought I also had Mr. Teriffic report back and say that Grodd was captured mid transport and the hovercraft from Gorilla City had been attacked and rendered inert. Batman decided to respond, since Batman versus Black Adam is like something easily broken versus my boot.

I would also point out that I meant to have Grodd rescued from the watchtower but misspoke and decided not to correct myself.

Meanwhile the men tussled. I got some bad rolls so Black Adam took a bit of damage and missed more often than he should have. Still, he held out against Martian Manhunter and Captain Marvel for quite some time, until finally I had him simply vanish. Then began the debate, with my players wondering “Can he simply teleport to the rock of eternity?” Finally Marvel decided to check, and yes, he could. And now that Marvel and Adam were gone, both GL and Wonder Woman showed up.

Meanwhile, Batman approached the gorilla transport and noticed it on fire, so he set the batplane to hover and began spraying it with extinguishing foam. And then I rolled to attack, but the plane could not dodge, and he rolled for toughness but the plane failed. So a huge yellow hammer crashed down and destroyed the batplane with one strike and Batman, the man who uses fear as a weapon, found himself facing Sinestro, the man who literally creates weapons with fear. And Batman called for help.

Back at the main battle the call was heard and Wonder Woman began to fly there, upset that she kept missing fights. Zatanna decided to teleport to Batman’s location to assist him faster. After they left, Black Adam reappeared and sneak attacked GL, knocking him into the water.

When Zatanna appeared she created a raft to assist Batman. Instead Batman dove onto the gorilla craft, brought the turrets online, and rolled a critical to fire at Sinestro.

And then I rolled a critical for my toughness check. And Sinestro simply knocked the beam aside. My player announced that Batman was now out of ideas. Sinestro on the other hand dropped the hammer on Zatanna and put her out of the fight. I was real happy with how the Sinestro fight went in the early rounds. Then Wonder Woman showed up and engaged Sinestro in battle while Batman went to save Zatanna.

Back at the primary fight GL used his one action to trap Black Adam in a force bubble, hoping maybe to suffocate him. Instead, Martian Manhunter phased through and hit him with a critical which put him out of the fight and shattered GL’s bubble which caused a bit of feedback but GL saved. However his ring announced only 5% power and sinestro was on the loose and they couldn’t simply leave Black Adam there.

MM flew off to try and help the other three. Marvel picked up Adam and flew off. And GL stopped to recharge his ring. He then flew off, passing MM, and arrived in time to help. What he did was grab the burning wreckage of the batplane and bash Sinestro with it, which fully took him out of the fight.

Then they cleaned up that mess too. Meanwhile Captain Marvel took Black Adam back to whichever fictional country he ruled, found a big statue, and then tossed the villain through it in front of his people, “Here’s your king.”

Notes: Fun session. You might notice that nothing actually happened, which was my fault. I had a plan, but some setbacks in the early fight caused it to not reveal itself, and then it all fell into a big fight. But it was a fun fight. To get a glimpse of the power being tossed around I would point out that a standard starting level character is PL10, think of Spiderman and that’s roughly a PL10. Heroes in this game soon get to worldwide levels of power around PL12 or 13, due to PL levels increasing things by a lot.

Martian Manhunter is PL14, Captain Marvel is PL15, and Black Adam is PL16. Black Adam held his own against the heroes very well, and would have probably destroyed them had I not rolled poorly early on. To add more scope into this, due to the damage being done and the knockback involved this fight went from Liberty Island to somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic in a French-ward direction.

I also like the Sinestro bit. When my player said Batman would respond I imagined a cool fight between Sinestro and the batplane, with lots of missiles and cool stuff. And then I rolled really well and just blew it to smithereens in one round. Same goes for Zatanna. It was pretty impressive, despite being random luck, and really helped sell the fact that Sinestro is a really powerful bad guy. Granted Batman and Zatanna were the ‘weakest’ members of the team, but that Sinestro took out two members of the Justice League with ease was a nice visual.

Next week I am fuzzy on what will happen. I have more to go with on the DC stuff, but maybe my players will want to go back to the original stuff. This would have been the last of the DC stuff, but since I didn’t use the plot…


2 thoughts on “Fear and Lightning

  1. Things brings up an interesting topic: annihilating your players with overwhelming force. Did Batman get irritated that his Batplane got batsploded? Granted, you rolled really well but such events are usually the purview of a GM fiat.

    Also, on one instance you have your players complaining that they can’t do some weird thing with their powers, then they make a guy take the bus because flying seems out of the question. Good times.

  2. Batman yes, the player no. He was annoyed, but in instances like this I show what the dice rolled, as a way of saying “sorry, but them’s the breaks.” Plus he handled it like batman: ejected, found safety, formed a defense, and held his own. That all his plans failed was simply bad luck, which was interesting.

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