So…lack of updates…

Last friday me and the game group ended up not gaming. Various reasons for this exist, not least among them that I am still very busy. Apparently this whole college thing is some hard work.

Add to this the fact that I am adding a couple new activities to my life and it leaves me with even less time. I struggled with these descisions but one of them is a creative writing club. I like the people involved and since I see myself as a writer I felt it was a good idea to join.

But that means more time taken away from blogging.

Also I know I promised Robin hood movies…and they are coming, I just forgot to set them up properly so i’m holding off. Truth be told though i’m not sure I want to keep doing movie reviews. I feel I have gotten too static, when really I just wanted to blather on about movies in a humorious fashion…so maybe the occasional film.

This means I may make this more narrowly a gaming blog, or just random subjects. I don’t know yet…it’s late and I just finished an astronomy project and i’m not sure I finished it well.

So anyways…that’s where I am right now. Not sure if there will be a game update this weekend as my friend is about to pop out a baby so there might be some hospital visitation going on.


13 thoughts on “So…lack of updates…

  1. I sympathize on the getting busy with college. I’ve been busy with college intermittently for the last decade and am grateful that the end is approaching. Especially since for the last three semesters I’ve been getting buried in reading… which I suppose is what I get for being an English major, even if it is in creative writing.

    But yeah, maintaining regularity with something like a blog can become taxing with so much school. Hence my month and a half hiatus during and around December.

    I will say I enjoy your movie reviews though, and you sometimes put me in the direction of things of interest, so I would discourage you from stopping by any means.

  2. Hmm, I may not stop. Not sure yet, mostly i’m getting annoyed at my present format, My goal was never to actually ‘review’ movies. I just wanted to blather about them, but somehwere in between I began to try and be fair. And that will not do.

  3. Yeah, don’t bother reviewing things. Your insights on the Friday / Nightmare series were good, but always strangely followed up by fractions.

    Is it strange that we all kind of try to limit what our blogs are about? Most other people convey humorous anecdotes or childhood memories or whatever else crosses their mind. So why not post some of your creative writings from that group?

  4. Your reply read two ways for me. At first I thought you meant my posts on my Friday night game sessions that occasionally turn out nightmarish.
    And then I got smarter.

    But a bit of clarification, are you suggesting that I don’t cover movies at all, or that I switch to a different style and remove the rating system?

    I agree a bit about the limits, for me it was a way of trying to obtain focus. In my life my indecision and lack of focus are my main failings, so I set limits here as a way of trying to harness talent. The limits ended up being RPGs and movies because those appear to be my true passions.

    I have been thinking about doing more RPG related posts, and not just limited to reviewing my Friday night sessions.

  5. Thought we’d talked about this on the phone, I’ll say it again:

    I mean don’t worry about reviewing movies or offering scores. By all means, evaluate if they set out what you think they’ve set out to do, but just pretend that we’re shooting the shit about the movie and just talk about what piqued your interests.

    And, intriguing idea Poe. Would it be a continuation of old stuff or something new? Dunno what engine we’d use to run it, probably a new blog with everyone set up as an admin. But blogs usually post things in chronological order, which wouldn’t work unless we were rewriting Memento.

  6. I’d honestly be fine either way, be it in New Orleans or Sundered Earth or wherever. I just miss the old days. :p

    As for the medium, we could use a new blog and just build up our posts in the comments section where things could progress linearly. Alternately, it’s not like setting up a free forum is all that hard (I set up a proboards account for developing Fall to Pieces and I know positively jack- not Jack- about those things).

    Though if I do return as Poe in particular (which I’m not adverse to doing) I’d probably want to keep access to whatever vehicle we use private, just because I have largely divorced my identity from the character’s, and in the interest of producing “The Mystiks Saga©” (yes, I have my own copyright) I don’t want to have the character floating around the internet in some other form.

  7. Well, I’m pleased that we all seem to be on the same page for this idea. Any thoughts as per the medium (blog vs. forum)?

    With a blog I think we can elect to make it unavailable to search engines or unavailable to all but invited members (at least, I know that’s the case with wordpress… which we’re all on). With a forum, we can lock out access to anyone who isn’t an approved member (such as with Proboards, which I’m using for my game development project).

    Or we could write each other letters in ink on parchment! But mailing times could mess with consistency if two people mail a letter at the same time.

  8. I have been giving some thought, and I think I may return to using my old namesake, slightly adjusted to represent the version of the character in my revised Saga (this should have any profound impact on his interactions with the others).

    Rather than return his former, blue skinned partner (whom, don’t get me wrong, still lots of love for) I might use Molly, the character whom I’d intended to use in the last Sundered game but never got off the ground, partly because I was too fixated on setting up her own drama rather than just getting her in with the others.

    Part of the reason for this being I never got to do anything big with Light Poe, who pretty much only has any existence in the game world now since I’ve excised him entirely from Mystiks. I never got to have the epic tea/coffee standoff I’d been planning.

    My use of the purple-clad Guardian though might be somewhat contingent on whether or not the Trodamus and Jack Raven characters were to come back. Part of the joy to be found would be the old comradery and without that I may still keep Molly but consider partnering her with a different character.

  9. Game day at the library!
    Poe would be a welcome character once again, and I would also enjoy if Trod used Trod.

    Not sure if I would use Raven, since he was kind of a Mary Sue. If I did he would be much different, probably with real personality.

    Depending on the setting though, like in sundered maybe I would use Titanium…or maybe the character I created to use in Sundered.

  10. I will totally set this up. To add additional users to WordPress blogs (which I think I’ll shoehorn into service), I’ll need the email addresses you’re using for your wordpress blogs. Spam being what it is, just email those to me and I’ll give you guys a link.

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