Game Day at the Library!

I was so excited this past Saturday because the local library was hosting another game day. This time there was to be super hero role-playing going on and I was so looking forward to gaming. I had been pimping this event out for a while, telling everyone I knew who was in a gaming group and posting flyers far and wide (seriously, I covered some distance with those flyers).

The turnout was decent, not what I had imagined but probably about as good as we need. The miniatures war game had a steady group and three of us, all from my group, showed up for supers gaming. We ended up using an older version of the DC heroes gaming system, it is primarily D6 based (which I love) and ran pretty smoothly. The only problem is that the GM simplified it so I can’t get a full grasp on how the real rules work (but I had fun, and that’s the important bit. Rules that eliminate fun must be eliminated). The other is that it ranks things in how many dice you roll, which normally works fine but when one of the heroes has a strength rating of 23 the math hit us pretty hard.

We were part of a government project to establish a super team in the Midwest (specifically Fawcett City). I played as the noble Aquaman (who loves being in the Midwest), with my friends taking on a character named Argent and Captain Atom. Initially our main goal was to go to the fair where one of the Marvel family would be accepting a key to the city. With our based in Fawcett city it was decided we should recruit a Marvel since they are Fawcett’s first family.

While there a big brute named Mammoth tried to start some trouble but two tractors and a hell of an arm bar later her gave up that plan. We then interrogated him and discovered a heist occurring at the local museum. We quickly headed off to intercept the trouble but upon landing there seemed to be nothing going on. I had Aquaman scout the area and he found nothing wrong; however the other characters just saw him standing there doing nothing, I had apparently fell into a trap.

Captain Atom decided to try a different approach and flew down stairs, resumed his normal identity, and knocked. An old security guard came to talk to him and soon had him hypnotized and helpless. The guard also used him a shield and quickly set up a trap for Mary Marvel by readying a magic bow. Argent decided trouble was on the way and went ahead inside the building where she was attacked by a third member.

We are the best team ever.

However, Atom managed to break the mental hold on him, reactivate his powers, and throw off the shot. The villain thus gave up, having nothing but mental trickery. Argent won her fight, though just barely. Aquaman broke free from his own hold, realizing that he was in the grip of ‘the shark’ this surprised the villain so much that he also surrendered. Aquaman knocked him unconscious. I don’t trust mental villains. We then found what they were looking for, got it to a safe place, and took the villains off to jail.

It was a good time.

I think the plan is to have a monthly meeting, the next one being at the end of March. I have offered to GM something and also I will be taking “Betrayal at House on the Hill.”


2 thoughts on “Game Day at the Library!

  1. Betrayal! Wooo! Haven’t gotten to play that as much as I’d like. Josh strangely seemed to hate it when Jill, him and I played, though he basically stuck to the end then threw his char’s life away. Don’t know why.

    Game day sounds like it was a success. For some reason I imagined you’d have wrought more havoc as a player; maybe you were tempered by the icy waters flowing through Aquaman’s veins. But yeah, why is he in the midwest? Is he looking to start a pond or something?

  2. I figured Josh would love Betrayal, and would deviously try to uncover omens in hopes of becoming the bringer of chaos and death. Guess ya can’t call em all.

    I try to be a good player, plus Aquaman is nobility so I had to play him as such…but that’s also why he declared himself leader.
    As for why he was there, I think the DM just thrw in some of his favorite characters, which he admitted to doing with Argent who is a character that apparently had limited comic book involvement but seems pretty cool.

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