1941: Return of the Sentinels part Two

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled adventure, already in progress…

The next day our heroes received a call from the local police regarding some unusualness about the four men they brought in. Turns out each man was a working man with no criminal history. Each man also claimed to have been working late at night and then had no knowledge of attempting to rob an armored car. The heroes got information off these men and decided to set up a trap, assuming the person behind it all would try again.

They managed to set up such a trap, allowing a new group of thugs to steal some cash from an armored car and follow it back to the base. Aviator nearly got messed up bad here as he tried to hold on to the bottom of the truck as it sped away. He was tossed from under the vehicle and into another…but he survived.

The heroes pursued the men to an old warehouse and quickly seized the day. Inside they found four more thugs and a tall African man dressed in a vest, top hat, and skull paint. He declared himself Papa Justify, master of voodoo! And then he commanded his men to attack.

Wildfire and Aviator took out the thugs while Impulse kept Justify off guard so Sentry could knock him out. Each member of the gang turned out to have been hypnotized by some unknown means and Justify was taken into custody.

Notes: Things went pretty well this time, and though the write up is short that is more due to faulty memory than actual game night content. Each player even got a measure of spotlight, though aviator’s was a spectacular failure…

Speaking of Aviator…his player got arrested so no more Aviator in the group. I will probably have him as an important NPC from here on out; Possibly assisting with the war effort or something.

Papa Justify went down too easily though, I built him tougher but a couple lucky rolls on the player side took him out pretty quick. I also messed up a bit on the thugs, but that was my own mistake. I basically had them keep attacking after Justify was out, which was what I wanted to happen but time restraints meant I had to cut that short…just minor narration flubbing…nothing major.


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