Update June 2011

It has been three months since my last post. Sorry.

This latest semester began to take its toll on my and I was forced to abandon most of my extraneous hobbies in an attempt to stay afloat. But it’s summer now, and next fall my schedule looks very close to being something that a human could pull off.

But today I am posting! It is a glorious day! I do not know how often I will post, but hopefully it will be more often than every three months. I have plans, things I’d like to do with this blog but I’m not sure how well that will work out. The problem is that I lack focus and have a hard time narrowing the parameters of my blog to one or two simple things.

I mean I could just chat about my life but, despite being the most hilarious entries you would ever read filled with pathos and drama, I won’t. Hopefully I can still post RPG bits but the days of weekly updates of adventures are gone. We jump around a lot more now, and some people can’t make it all the time, plus retyping the previous night’s events was kind of boring. For you and for me.

I do want to blather about movies some more. I love media: books, film, and television. If used properly each one can be just as amazing as the other, this is why I say ‘No, the book is not always better.’ You just have to know and understand your medium. This is why I’d love, and plan, to do an occasional bit about TV that I love. Because the world watches too much crap and all the good stuff falls away.

Honestly I think I will approach this blog as I’ve approached this post: Utter bewilderment but with the attempt to write something informative or at least entertaining. This isn’t entertaining so I’m trying to cram in facts. Sorry. Sticking to a schedule has never been my strong suit, but I’m going to try and stick to at least one post a week. It will be awesome. Maybe I’ll talk about television, maybe I’ll review a movie (good or bad, I care not), maybe I’ll debate RPG conventions, or maybe I’ll just spitball ideas for a cyberpunk red riding hood.

So, yeah.


3 thoughts on “Update June 2011

  1. My later months got pretty tangled too, so I can relate to having too much school. 😉

    I have to admit, if you focused on media stuff more, I wouldn’t be one to complain, but largely because I think enough of it is stuff we walk in common circles on anyway, which leads way for discussion and futile internet arguments.

    Not too mention, I’ve been wondering what your thoughts are on the recent and upcoming superhero flicks, since you’re a bit more savvy on much of the comic stuff than I am. Have you gotten to see Thor or X-Men First Class yet? I’d be stunned on that same note if you somehow weren’t seeing Green Lantern.

    And as for schedules, well, I find it’s good to have one, if only to force discipline. Not that it’s helped prevent a share of my own articles from being done the night before, but at least they get done.

  2. I have indeed seen “Thor” and “First Class”, actually I just got back from “First Class”, and may make my next post abut one of them…probably Thor since it came first. Plus X-men will require a bit of nerd ranting. ‘Green Lantern’ will be seen, but I am full of fear about it.

    I go back and forth on schedules. The problem is all my stuff ends up being written ‘the night before’ (my myth paper for example, which scored extremely well, was done the night before even though I had months of notice) and knowing I have a deadline simply means I’ll rebel out of pure idiocy and fail to write anything between the point of origin and the deadline. No deadline means occasionally I can just write something and have no restrictions. I don’t know…I guess I’d have to say this: deadlines are good and I encourage them, for other people. I’m too much like Douglas Adams.

  3. I’m all for maintaining a nebulous contract by which topics and subjects are chosen, so by all means just blag about whatever you want.

    Also, please know that finishing your work ahead of time feels wonderful, I’m not even exaggerating in the least regard.

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