A Discussion of Green Lantern

I’ve been trying to write this Green Lantern review for a while but can’t really come up with any material.

The problem is there is neither anything truly terrible in the movie, nor is there anything that I would place on the amazing scale. It has a plethora of mediocrity. The corps is shown, ring slinging occurs, a villain is fought.

It had a couple nice bits, like his first rescue at a fancy party; I loved his rescue of a crashing helicopter. Also the sub-villain, Hector Hammond, was fun; the actor portraying him seemed to be the only person who experienced actual enjoyment doing his job. Problem is, he was the sub-villain in a movie where we need to root for the hero. Congratulations movie, you have made me root for a man trying to kill one of my favorite heroes. Way to go.

The majority of problems lay in plotting and organization. We are given an explanation of the corps, then told some back story, then shown the emergence of a big evil, and then we get to earth to discover our hero. Already I’ve become disconnected, at this point who cares about Hal, I’m fine with a movie about the purple guy who seems to already be established in this awesome Green Lantern Corps the movie told me about.

They should have started on Hal, and then dropped in back story and exposition as he got it; let us go on the ride with him, connect. There is a bit where he witnesses a speech by Sinestro, which he does apparently because it’s needed for him to do so. This should have been a thing brewing in the back ground as he trained. Frankly I felt a montage was too little, this whole movie should have been about training, up until he is needed to assist in the war effort.

But anyways, Green Lantern is an OK movie. It could be worse, but then I’d at least have something to talk about.


BONUS REVIEW! The Green Lantern Video Game cash tie-in

Honestly, not terrible.

It’s a God of War rip off, but with Green Lanterns. So it’s playable, and they try to do fun things with the rings like sprucing up your basic attacks (heavy attack is a big glowing fist, when upgraded it becomes a large hammer) and giving you increasingly powerful constructs to use. My favorite is a giant mech suit that allows you to trash enemies with ease. There are also flying segments that play like a rail shooter, and those are kinda cool.

As for problems…it’s very repetitive. Lack of enemy variety, and many of the same things keep happening. Also, that annoying thing in Gears of War where you touch your ear and walk at half speed while listening to annoying exposition? It’s here too. And you can’t fly at will, which isn’t a killing flaw but it would be nice to have the option to hover when I wished.

Also it has co-op so that’s pretty fun. The only real problem is it gets a bit confusing sometimes telling who is who. Also the second player plays as Sinestro who is not scripted to be with Hal at all times, so occasionally Sinestro will say something during a cut scene that makes little sense as he was just with you doing said action.

I played most of the game with a  friend a few nights ago, wouldn’t object to more playing but I doubt I’d buy the game to do so.


6 thoughts on “A Discussion of Green Lantern

  1. I’ve… still not seen it yet. Meant to, actually, but the wife is far more picky than I, and she was let down when she heard (and subsequently read) the reviews on this film, on how it went wrong, and how it apparently had a better script which may have suffered from some rather bad editing (so who knows? Maybe a superior Director’s Cut might fix the problem).

    I might catch it by myself. Actually, the response to the movie coupled with the surprised enthusiasm of myself and my roommates has caused the wife to reconsider X-Men: First Class, so we might try to catch it tomorrow night, before Anime Expo.

    As for the game… wasn’t Thor also a God of War clone? I was intrigued to note that this one had co-op, but I figured that’s about all I could reasonably expect from it. I suppose it’s good that it’s competent. At least.

    And that said, I should pick up the recent DCAU release which features Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern. Because even if it absolutely sucks, there is nothing that is not better with Nathan Fillion.

  2. A directors cut would have to eliminate a good chunk of the movie to improve on it’s shoddy pacing. Shame too since the director has done some good stuff, and successfully fixed other franchises.

    Don’t know about the Thor game. I heard bad reviews and a friend told me it was complete garbage. Figured I didn’t want to suffer even for the sake of the thunder god so I completely skipped it.

    Fillion was my initial pick to play Hal Jordan. And from clips of his recording session, where he is wearing a GL shirt, I think he’d be up for the role. That said he seems a bit…comfy nowadays. He’d have to do some toning before donning the ring…though I’d be perfectly happy with him doing so.
    If not him I feel Bradley Cooper could pull off a good Hal Jordan, he has the same ladies man charm as Reynolds but can pull off the square joy boyscout bit much better.

    Speaking of Reynolds…I plan to do a full post about him and superhero movies in the near future.

  3. Thor was recently in a pretty good game where he and his two sidekicks would fight side-scroll style against other heroes and villains. Marvel vs something something. Y’all should check it out.

    Joking aside, even my dad, big GL fan that he is, warned me off of this movie, and he’s got pretty low standards where entertainment is concerned (well, lower than me anyway). So I’m thinking the cry of mediocrity would actually be giving it some credit. I’ll see it anyways though, insert gay love joke about Ryan Reynolds here.

  4. I suspect a lot can be said on Mr. Reynolds and his propensity for appearing in these films.

    Probably a dumb question, Jack, but did you see Green Lantern: First Flight? Curious as to how you see it as an origin story versus this.

    • I did, I don’t recall it very clearly.

      Mostly enough to recall that I disliked it a lot. I remember the space airport bit, and the traitor aspect, and much of the big battle, not so much the actual origin aspect of the tale other than it being Hal’s first time out.

      Didn’t enjoy the costume designs and I felt they depicted the CL corps as a whole acting in opposition to standard OP (They sent an army of GLs to investigate a threat instead of just the one that was required, the live action movie did this too with all the GLs hanging out on Oa for some reason) and individually very pathetically (A GL should easily be able to stop a run away/crashing space plane.).

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