Scary Movie time, also October.

Halloween creeps upon us and I stand here ready to fulfill my obligation of watching a bunch of scary movies.

Last year I covered what I felt to be the three classic series in modern horror. It was a rough ride but I still feel pride about them.

This year my plans are somewhat less ambitious, but I will still try and get two updates a week up during October.

I plan to cover movies that played a part in revitalizing the horror genre. It’s a loose plan, and some may have problems with my pics, but still I will push on.

This week I will cover a well known series. The next two weeks will be slashers and japanese horror. Torture porn has no place here so expect no Saw.

On the final week I will post reviews for the two films I suggest everyone watch this year, my top pics.


3 thoughts on “Scary Movie time, also October.

  1. Funny thing is, I kinda liked the Saw films, but more for the intricacies built around the traps and the events occurring outside of said traps, rather than the actual mutilations themselves. Of course, those were still necessary by conceit of the structure, otherwise the whole thing would have lost its bite if you went into it believing nobody could die.

    At any rate, I enjoyed the films enough to buy both of the games which, while not perfect (certainly not) had at times some pretty interesting approaches to the survival horror genre.

    Of course, if I think of mainstream torture porn, I’d go towards Hostel, since Saw at least centered its horrors around the pretense of a higher purpose, whereas the entire point of Hostel was literally a bunch of sickos in a club getting their jollies off by killing people in terrible ways. The first movie did have one interesting scene that supposed the notion that inhumane treatment is fueled by a language barrier, that it’s easier to dehumanize someone who you don’t understand, but overall…

    Otherwise, I’ve heard the Human Centipede takes things to interesting new levels, but I’ve not seen it and I’m thoroughly convinced it would fall so far outside of your definition of good horror that it’s not even funny. :-p

    Personally though, I haven’t seen any horror movies (aside from the law Saw film) in a few years. I was seeing more of them with my roommate Jade, who enjoyed the genre, but there weren’t many good ones during that time (we mostly made fun of the medium once we got outside). We used to have a tradition of catching a horror movie on Christmas, since there always seemed to be one coming out.

    That tradition steadily melted though, since it went from Darkness (boring, I fell asleep)- Wolf Creek (bland and tedious) -Black X-Mas (remake, I think; was at least fun)- Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (not scary but things blew up)- Sherlock Holmes (awesome and utterly unhorror)- True Grit (remake and also awesometacular).

    As such, I think the last one I saw was Mirrors, which I did somewhat enjoy, though the ending felt like it should be going into a sequel or a TV series or something. Of course, aside from the atmosphere of the sets (which were really pretty good) the most memorable aspect of that movie is a piece of body horror which comes off as somewhat inconsistent with the rules suggested by the film.

    And as for Trod’s comment, I do recall Event Horizon as being fun and awesome, though I did not watch it as a kid.

  2. One of them COULD be Event Horizon, except I don’t recall liking it much so I doubt it will be. But you never know.

    Also about five minutes after I posted this I realized I might like some leeway so not all of them will be revival movies. Honestly I just want to watch a bunch of movies about scary stuff.

    I’ve wavered back and forth on listing the movies I want to review, partially so my vast array of readers (you two and Elizabeth) will know ahead of time what two movies I am picking for Halloween.

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