Changes, about time…

Dear readers,

I have decided, once again, to make a change to this blog. Unlike the previous ‘changes’ this time I am finally free of college and now have free time to make good on my promises. I began this blog in an effort to play with my writing skills, but lacking direction I floundered a bit and had nothing to force me into adherence. I am now setting down what may be called a ‘mission statement.

I have always been a gamer and have announced my love of all types of games, even beyond role playing variety. Of late I have found myself drawn strongly towards board gaming. I know that when I say this most people envision “Clue” or “Monopoly” and those are board games to be sure. But there are other board games, ones that involve more than tossing a die and pushing a bit of plastic around a track. I have recently played a board game that brought up feelings of anxiety and panic, more so that most other forms of media. I have also spent much of my free time refurbishing an old board game that I used to love.

So I am going to begin focusing on these. I have finished my initial list and I count myself owning nineteen board games. This includes certain dice and card games as well. After factoring in games owned by friends, and a shopping spree I plan to embark on for my birthday, this list should rise to thirty-plus. To those who enjoy my RPG reviews and postings, I will not neglect them. I like to feel that the line between board game and role playing game is a blurry one so RPG reviews will still be at home here.

And here the final twist hits. If I am limiting my blog to RPGs and board games it is to give me focus. But focus does not shape a thing or set up limits. I am deciding now to limit myself via brevity, clarity, and conciseness. And to help me do so I will attempt to do these reviews in video.

Yes, video. My goal is to write a review that contains a simple intro, a clear covering of the rules, and then my opinion and final rating of the game. There are many video reviews out there, and many of them long and filled with ‘amusing anecdotes’ and ‘rambling’. These videos are good in their own right but I aim to create something more accessible. I plan to create videos so that not only will my writing be force to conform but also so that I can practice conveying information and maintaining a professional appearance.. So I plan to aim for videos no longer than ten minutes in length with only minimal ‘self stories’ that actually tie into a subject and convey rules or subject information.

I do not have an exact date for these reviews to begin. I still have some preparation to make but I should be ready to start rolling in about a month, maybe a bit longer. At first I may release one video every two weeks but I would like to do a video a week if possible.

Finally, I think I have enough material for a year’s worth of reviews, longer if I’m lazy. But if there is a certain product you wish reviewed I will accept gifts and review those…or just give me a name and I’ll see what I can do. I’m a poor man, so the gift option is the best. Heh.

My name is Jack, and I am a gamer.



2 thoughts on “Changes, about time…

  1. Foremost, congrats on the finishing of the schooling! Welcome to the world of idle, educated folk!

    I find your shift to board games intriguing, though I’ll admit it’s been a while since I last played one myself (let alone had the opportunity to); nonetheless, you have at least one viewer with me.

    If you have any questions about how the GamEntropy videos I’ve been making are done (I’m sort of assuming that you may have actually seen these videos), feel free to ask… though I’ll direct you to my wife if it’s anything regarding the actual editing. :-p What you’re doing sound like it should be a little less complex at least than what I’ve been (particularly because you shouldn’t have to work with any video capture devices), but please, let me know.

  2. Thanks! And I appreciate your interest. I feel boardgames get a bit of the short end, which is annoying because many of them are really awesome and a lot of fun with friends. I have heard that it’s better to go out and ‘party’ instead of play games, but frankly I’m kinda feeling that my party days are mostly done and I enjoy having board games.

    I’ve done a moderate amount of video editing and as you said I won’t have any video media to work in, so it should be pretty easy. That said I appreciate the offer and will contact you, and the wife, if I have problems. Mostly though I think my big problem will be sound quality. Going to try and run some tests soon.

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