My name is Jack, hence the J before the Raven. I love movies, and I love games, and I’m somewhat obsessive. It seems natural that I should toss my opinions out in the world so that others may read and mock comment on them.

 Once a week, probably on a Wednesday, I will throw up a review on either a movie I have recently seen in theatres or one from my own personal collection.

Also once per week, likely on the weekend, I will post a breakdown of my Friday night gaming sessions. I run a weekly superhero (and occasionally other settings) game and have received requests to put my opinions and results of these session on the internet.

I know I have used probably and likely in relation to deadlines. I know an unstable updating schedule is bad but I’m a writer and deadlines are only useful for the whooshing sound they make. But I will try, promise.

Also, should I get bored/frisky Mondays might become a bonus day. Random ramblings about my thoughts on life or additional observations on the settings I’m running. Or maybe I’ll give my thoughts on how a remake of a movie should go, because some movies are just…disappointing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Not even sure if you still check this. But this is Mikhail_Victor69 from the old Evil Online days. Had a bit of nostalgia hit me and randomly googled Trodamus and your blog popped up. I remember you Jack, along with Trod, and just wondering how you guys have been.

    • Hey! I just saw this, apparently 241 days past when you sent it. If you see this reply, I do remember you and I am doing well. Trod is also doing well.

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