A Discussion of Skyfall

I watched “Skyfall” last night and really enjoyed it. I do want to mention a few things, partially to play with a new and improved different review/discussion style i’m working on.

Also, SPOILERS. I don’t know if that’s an assumption to be made when reading a review, but if for some reason you are reading my post and haven’t seen the movie…SPOILERS.

Ok, so…

The Good: The entire Shanghi sequence. I loved the lighting here and the setting. It was a nice slow chase scene that managed to capture a very haunted feel. I especially loved how a room full of glass managed to create a shifting web of cover. And then the silloute fight scene was simply beautiful to watch.

Then we switch over to…er…new location and everything is warm and inviting. A real tone shift and a lot of it due to color and set decoration. Culminating from this was the cold and dark Skyfall set that slowly warms more and more through the third act.

All in all the settings seemed to border on the simple, but were executed elegantly. It helped evoke mood but keep me invested in the movie.

I really enjoyed the acting on display. I thought Craig brought a restrained persona with cracks of personality shining through, some of it meant only to disarm. I loved the “waste of good scotch” line, so very cold. Ralph Fiennes was very enjoyable, and I liked the effort to make him feel like ‘one of the guys’.

Judi Dench was good as always, and made great use of the spotlight put on her.

All in all, it had solid action, was beautifully shot, and the acting drew me in and kept me enraptured the whole time. No joke, I actually had a couple of muscle spasms going on in the middle of the movie but I was having such a good time I basically sat through the pain and tried to mentally force it away.


The Bad: I do have some minor problems with the movie, mostly lapses in what i’m branding as common sense.

The shooting of Bond; not the shoulder but via Eve. I see why it happened, and that’s good drama but it led to three of my problems. One, they were connected via headset so I think a simple “Get down Bond!” would have worked. You could say that the communicator was down but Eve was in contact with M and Bond heard everything as confirmed later. Then Bond falls off the train so Eve now has a clean shot and doesn’t even try and take it. Lame. And then throughout the move we see Bond’s nasty shoulder wound but the rest of his torso looked to be intact. He makes a joke later about “only four ribs and some minor organs” which is likely exaggeration but it indicates he was clearly shot.

The movie really focuses on his shoulder wound: the title sequence, his arm giving him troubles, remains from it form a clue to tracking down the thief. Very little, besides a few quips, is paid to the fact that he was gut shot by an assault rifle. I’m thinking his accidental shooting via Eve to be a last minute change to amp up the danger, or even take the blame away from Bond’s failure. After all with a serious shoulder wound I don’t think we would blame him for loosing a fist fight and being tossed from a train.

And finally, Silva’s escape. For the most part this was a nice sequence, and is also where I had my spasm problem, but what I don’t understand is how two MI6 security officers managed to get killed during his escape. He was presumably unarmed and locked in a secure cell. Sure the cell door was electronically locked and thus opened when the virus hit…and then he managed to leap across the room and disable the guard? No chance, this is a serious terrorist who has hacked the most secure network in Britain, took on Bond, and is a former double-oh himself. They would have drawn down on him the moment the door opened and should have at least took out his legs.


The Fiddly: These bits are things I could have seen go either way. They were fine in the movie, but I could also see complaining about them.

Essentially…the whole movie. I read, after the movie, a few bit stating that this film was not a direct continuation of the Bond franchise. That it goes “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace” and…other stuff then this film. So now i’m left wondering if the next film will be pre-Skyfall and feature a ‘younger’ Bond or will be post-skyfall and feature a ‘classic’ Bond.

Part of this is what makes the movie really work and what makes it possibly the best of series. It could work as a capping point for the classic era leading things in a full circle, or it works as the end of a trilogy giving us the birth of a new Bond. I do wish i’d known about its ‘vaguely timeless’ nature before hand as all the “you’re getting to old for this Bond” stuff struck me as a bit soon or at least heavy handed.

Also, I liked Ralph Fiennes in this and think the new Moneypenny is cool. However I was also left thinking, sarcastically, ‘at least everyone now knows their place.’ We took out a woman as head of MI6 and replaced her with the old standby: a rich white guy. And let’s not have a likable and capable female worthy of working alongside Bond, get her ass behind a desk.


But anyways, the problems I had were minor and some of them I could see why they did what they did. For the vast majority of the movie I was very happily entertained. It was fun and exciting with a lot of visual style. I’m not a huge Bond fan, only owning a very few handful of the movies, but this one I will likely buy when it comes out.


Also, if ‘fiddly’ the best word to use there?


A Discussion of Captain America

WARNING: I try really hard to not spoil things, but I walk kind of close at a couple points. As a man adverse to spoilers myself I feel this review is safe, but read at your own risk.

Captain America is awesome. If it is not the best live-action super-hero film, it is at the very least my favorite.

Director Joe Johnston already proved that he could make an awesome WW2 era hero film with The Rocketeer. It’s no different here; the film looks and feels perfect. Chris Evans is amazing as Captain America. I had my doubts but he really brought his acting chops and made the role his. His dialogue, delivery, and physicality were well done. I haven’t seen a superhero move and fight this well in a long time.

Story-wise there is a good solid arc here. We get to explore Cap before he is a hero, just long enough that it doesn’t feel bogged down. We see his transition, and the moments that build his reputation and make him a true hero. I’m not going to mince words; at one point in this film I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy. They took one of my favorite characters and adapted him perfectly to film. There were so many great practical choices and a few awesome shout-outs (The bit on the motorcycle was fantastic).

It doesn’t hurt either that Evans was surrounded by several wonderful actors and characters. Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic as the military man running the super soldier program; his character is not as prominent but very important, and he makes his moments on the screen count. Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine provides a wonderful humanity to the film and, as Mr. Jones, leaves a likable and lasting impression. Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark both distances his portrayal from Tony while showing hints of scientific familiarity. In fact all of the supporting characters are likable, witty, and friendly. It really helps bring you into the movie and causes you to care about Cap since these are the people he is fighting for. It should also help viewers understand his later emotional state as they are able to enjoy and admire these characters as well.

I only have two negative things to say about this film, even then they feel like nitpicks. The first is the nature of the villains. Here Cap is concerned with Hydra (a terrorist army using advanced energy weapons), who are essentially ‘Super Nazis.’ Given that we know what a Nazi is and how bad they are we only really get told that Hydra are so evil they transcend Nazis, but with all the effort given to showing how awesome the heroes are we aren’t shown a lot of Hydra. It’s not a bad plan, but to me the threat felt a bit hollow. I know Nazis are bad, and anything worse than them must obviously be stopped, but I guess my cynical self needs to be shown the evil.

The other problem concerns the movie’s bookends. I realize their importance and they work ok but these scenes take place in modern day and somewhat took me out of the film. It’s a credit to Johnston that both eras had a very different feeling to them, but still starting the movie in the present seemed useless and the movie would have felt more true to spirit had it ended in the 40’s right before the final scene.

But that is it. Two complaints in the entire film; this movie was awesome. It moved me to tears, it surprised me. In my humble, but very educated and informed, view this is the best super-hero film.

God. Bless. Captain America.

A Discussion of Green Lantern

I’ve been trying to write this Green Lantern review for a while but can’t really come up with any material.

The problem is there is neither anything truly terrible in the movie, nor is there anything that I would place on the amazing scale. It has a plethora of mediocrity. The corps is shown, ring slinging occurs, a villain is fought.

It had a couple nice bits, like his first rescue at a fancy party; I loved his rescue of a crashing helicopter. Also the sub-villain, Hector Hammond, was fun; the actor portraying him seemed to be the only person who experienced actual enjoyment doing his job. Problem is, he was the sub-villain in a movie where we need to root for the hero. Congratulations movie, you have made me root for a man trying to kill one of my favorite heroes. Way to go.

The majority of problems lay in plotting and organization. We are given an explanation of the corps, then told some back story, then shown the emergence of a big evil, and then we get to earth to discover our hero. Already I’ve become disconnected, at this point who cares about Hal, I’m fine with a movie about the purple guy who seems to already be established in this awesome Green Lantern Corps the movie told me about.

They should have started on Hal, and then dropped in back story and exposition as he got it; let us go on the ride with him, connect. There is a bit where he witnesses a speech by Sinestro, which he does apparently because it’s needed for him to do so. This should have been a thing brewing in the back ground as he trained. Frankly I felt a montage was too little, this whole movie should have been about training, up until he is needed to assist in the war effort.

But anyways, Green Lantern is an OK movie. It could be worse, but then I’d at least have something to talk about.


BONUS REVIEW! The Green Lantern Video Game cash tie-in

Honestly, not terrible.

It’s a God of War rip off, but with Green Lanterns. So it’s playable, and they try to do fun things with the rings like sprucing up your basic attacks (heavy attack is a big glowing fist, when upgraded it becomes a large hammer) and giving you increasingly powerful constructs to use. My favorite is a giant mech suit that allows you to trash enemies with ease. There are also flying segments that play like a rail shooter, and those are kinda cool.

As for problems…it’s very repetitive. Lack of enemy variety, and many of the same things keep happening. Also, that annoying thing in Gears of War where you touch your ear and walk at half speed while listening to annoying exposition? It’s here too. And you can’t fly at will, which isn’t a killing flaw but it would be nice to have the option to hover when I wished.

Also it has co-op so that’s pretty fun. The only real problem is it gets a bit confusing sometimes telling who is who. Also the second player plays as Sinestro who is not scripted to be with Hal at all times, so occasionally Sinestro will say something during a cut scene that makes little sense as he was just with you doing said action.

I played most of the game with a  friend a few nights ago, wouldn’t object to more playing but I doubt I’d buy the game to do so.

A Discussion of X-men: First Class

I initially rallied against X-Men: First Class. Its reason for existing was far from pure -rights retention- and the director was quoted as saying some pretty moronic stuff. However I began to grow attached to the idea of a period piece superhero movie, and I liked the costume designs, and it was getting good reviews. It all came to a head when I found myself bored and in time for a matinee viewing.

Having finally watched the movie I must say it’s pretty good. I have some problems, but I’ve decided to express myself on this as a movie and then the last bit of this review will be a spoiler heavy nerd rant. This way I can attempt to gauge the quality of the movie, but also complain about things the layman doesn’t care about.

Most importantly the story felt pretty tight. This is an accomplishment considering it has to establish two separate plotlines, a third interacting character, a supporting cast, handle a new race introduced to mankind, a traitorous plot, and the Cuban missile crisis all in one film. A lot could go wrong but they kept things pretty solid and it worked pretty well. Personally I loved the interweaving of a real historical event into a superhero film, it made the heroes feel more real somehow. There were some clunky bits, one of the more glaring is the notion that Beast built cerebro…a computer meant to locate mutants but requiring Professor X to use. Beast built this before he knew of Xavier, and the machine is lost to the team before the end of the movie. Sorry for the spoiler, but it’s minor, trust me. All this bit served was a dramatic way for X and Magneto to find mutants, something they could have simply shown in a more mundane fashion.

I found myself wishing the movie was longer, a rarity, so I could have more character moments. Each of the characters gets a shining moment or two, but most of the supporting cast is left a bit bare. The worst was a mutant who never even ranked to appear in the previews and thus suffered a fate that I will not spoil but you will probably have guessed upon seeing him. Mostly the supporting cast does an admirable job, with bonus points going to Lucas Till as Havoc. I wasn’t happy that Havoc replaced his brother, but the casting choice was really good and I think Till nailed Alex’s rough nature. On the opposite end of the coin was January Jones who stood still and moved her mouth in unconvincing speech. The White Queen is supposed to be a powerful bitch, and that’s to her friends. Jones brought nothing to this role; seeing her in a scene with Xavier and Magneto is like watching two great men stare at a vacuum of talent.

But that was the supporting plot. For the main plot we get Magneto and Professor X bonding and training a band of kids to become heroes. And it’s a good relationship, both actors play off each other well and I fully bought the friendship. To hire actors to step into the shoes of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen is a terrifying thing, but these new guys pulled it off admirably. I fear though that with this film focusing so strongly on their bond that a sequel will have to feature the two mutants once again. This feels problematic to me since Magneto was a serious force in each of the three previous movies and here he is an essential aspect to the film. Fans of this film will expect him to return for another go should a sequel happen, whereas I am a bit tired of Magneto and would like to see a new force for the X-men to face. Unfortunately, again, the supporting cast was not strongly built up enough to support a whole movie.

Overall X-men: First Class was a fun ride, with some decent action and a tight plot. There was a lot of emphasis placed on character building, even if it fell a bit thin in a few places. If you don’t mind your X-men universe being meddled with a bit this movie provides a good time, with a nice bit of depth.

Now. On to nerd things and spoilers!


This film missed the mark on quite a few characters. Most annoyingly, Banshee and Beast. I’ll get to Beast, but first I must talk about Banshee and Moira.

Despite Penny Arcade’s mockery I actually quite like Banshee and have always found him to be an entertaining character. In the movie he…is useful. Banshee is sort of a world weary X-man, who takes life with a grain and along with Wolverine is one of the older members of the team. A friend recently asked why they needed to kiddify the X-men, I told him it was to make the movie accurate. Banshee is meant to be a man who has been in Interpol and the police force before assisting Xavier with his work. In the film he’s a little punk, vaguely Irish, whose introductory scene is that of him being a jerk.

Moira MacTaggert is a Scottish geneticist who helped Xavier in the early years. I can see why she would be a good fit for this movie. However, she has now become an American woman working for the CIA. The character has three traits: Scottish, geneticist, friends with Xavier. They changed two of those and muddled the third. So why is Moira even here? In the movie she stumbles upon the Hellfire club, sees that they are mutants, and thus introduced the CIA to Xavier. So sure she gets the ball rolling, but perhaps they could have used Banshee as an older character, working for Interpol and have him discover the Hellfire club. Sure he wouldn’t be surprised at the mutants, but he would likely be worried about a large group of evil mutants. He could have found Xavier, and they could have contacted American officials, and blah blah blah it all makes sense.

Speaking of the Hellfire club they seemed to have missed the mark in interesting ways. I have heard that the demon guy was misrepresented, but having no knowledge of him in the comics I can’t say myself. I can speak for Shaw who seemed to have “The plot needs this” powers. In the comics it’s a simple thing, he absorbs kinetic force and uses it to become stronger. With this he is a credible foe with an easily depicted power. In the movie he absorbs all energy and then can displace it…however. There seem to be no real rules, he just has immunity to heroic actions and then does whatever the script says has to happen. I realize that part of this is necessary for the ending of the film, but a competent writer could have fixed up an ending that didn’t rely on hazy, poorly established abilities.

Also to pick on the White Queen again, her power level seemed to waver a bit, being unable to detect Moira hiding behind a door. Also they gave her the damned Diamond form. In the comics it was a secondary mutation that came about many years past her initial encounters with the X-men. It’s an unnecessary ability and in the film was used to attack Magneto once (Which could have been done by any of the other evil mutants standing in the same spot) and also to avoid having her mind read (which could have been avoided by simply stating that she has undergone training). It’s not a major problem, and props for the movie showing diamond as brittle which is a nice and realistic change, just unnecessary. If Jones had been a better actress this might not have bothered me at all.

My biggest complaint is Beast. Comic book Beast is this awesome character, who is physically very adept. He is athletic, nimble, and strong. But because of how massive he looks he studied very hard to be more than just a lug, he has brains too. The true pathos to his character is that he may very well be the perfect man but cannot see anything but his large size. He tries to combat this by using humor as a weapon and eventually by trying to cure his deformities and suffering a backlash. In the movie they write his intelligence off as simply a mutant power, and he has ugly feet. He is depicted as agile, but his bulk, strength, and humor are absent. He’s a bumbling man responsible for all of the X-men’s tech. They missed the mark for Beast, by leaps and bounds. Giving him his trademark wit would have helped matters, or even allowing him an ‘Oh my stars and garters’ but instead he simply bumbles and stutters his way through he film. Having an actor who looks like a big guy would have been better. I did enjoy the scenes with him and Mystique, it added much to the film and did follow Beast’s trend of having women problems.

Also I think they crammed too many X-men elements into the movie. By the end they pretty much have arrived at status quo except that Xavier still has hair. The introduction of Cerebro seemed necessary from the onset since Xavier and Magneto built it together, but here it was created at whim by beast and later gets destroyed. Also Xavier’s crippling could have been included in a separate movie. It would have provided a little bit of balance.

Again, as a movie it’s a good film, but to an X-men fan it fell short. It almost felt like the plan was to do a Xavier/Magneto standalone film but was changed to X-men at the last minute.

A Discussion of Thor

This year feels like my year. Multiple superhero films being released, three of them being particular favorites of mine. The first to approach the plate was Thor, or as I like to call him ‘my spiritual father.’ Now I have this weird thing where I tend to become a fan of character over comics and Thor is no exception. I love the character but in the past did not collect his comics. I enjoyed his appearances in other books, and I read about the things he had done, just not in his own books. It stems a bit from my liking the mythological Thor first, it also comes from not trusting writers. If I love the character I can always boil him back to brass tacks, but if I love the comic I have to accept every stupid plot and sentence the current writer puts down.

That said, I love Thor. How can you not? He’s primal, elemental, and heroic. So clearly when I heard they were making a movie and he would be played by captain Kirk’s father I fell to the ground in terror. But the movie arrived and I have to say it’s very solid. Maybe it’s just me but it felt a lot like Iron Man, in tone and plotting. Not that that’s a bad thing, Iron Man is possibly the best superhero movie ever. I mean, I loves me some Dark Knight but it’s a crime drama with weird people, Iron Man has a guy with super abilities setting out to right some wrongs.

To me the difference is subtle, but vast. When I finished watching Iron Man I thought “I’d like to see that again,” but when I finished watching Thor I thought “Oh man, I hope they make a crap ton of sequels!”  I don’t know how they did it but Thor managed to both ‘give me what I want’ and ‘leave me wanting more’ which is the highest accomplishment any bit of media can accomplish.

It sets up Thor very plausibly, showing us the world from his viewpoint and never once having us doubt him. The Norse gods exist, they live in a cool place with a terrible commute and after a bad ass action piece we see that Thor is in fact a master of bringing pain. An entire movie could have been made of this opening bit, and in the hands of a lesser director it would have been, and people would have complained that Thor was shallow. So we get the rest of the movie. Thor gets to interact with humanity, because Odin feels he doesn’t respect us. So he gets sent to some tiny little town in the middle of nowhere.

This hick town setting is lifted from the recentish run on the Thor comics by J. Michael Stracensky. In the comics Thor brings Asgard to hover above a big empty spot and thus has to interact with a bunch of yokels. It’s good fun, and honestly I wish more of that had been in the movie, unfortunately much of that depends on a great many other events occurring in the Marvel universe, so it happening in the movie is unlikely. But one day I would love to see Volstagg whipping up omelets at Bill’s Diner. But ehre it works well, giving us enough humanity for Thor to play against, but not enough to overpower his character. I really loved these scenes, and the portrayal of Thor by Chris Helmsworth. He managed to show Thor as ignorant of Earth’s ways, but not stupid. There is now poking at a talking magic box, but there is a bit of a misunderstanding at the pet shop. It’s all good fun, and Helmsworth manages to look like he’s having fun at times, reveling in Thor’s simpler, barbarian side.

Speaking of which, screw this thought out commentary. Thor is awesome. Thor is awesome. I love when he hits up a bar and has a drinking contest with an old professor. I love how Loki was portrayed to near perfection. I love Heimdall even though he stands about a lot and some wackjobs were annoyed that he might be of a wrong shade. I love that the Warriors Three and tagalong Sif had strong supporting roles. It was a well put together cast and all the elements worked together like a well oiled clock. I don’t know if clocks need oiled but dammit this movie was awesome.

I love that Fandral is laughing as he fights in the beginning, and how easily Thor fells frost giants. They really made the hammer feel powerful, and incorporated some of his signature bits, I nearly cheered when he spin the hammer. I was also happy with the war between science and magic in the movie, when female love interest draws him a diagram of how dimensions work and he explains it by drawing a pretty tree. But he does so without belittling her or sounding dumb, because we know it’s true because the movie showed it to us.

If I had a problem with the movie it would be that Loki’s heel turn wasn’t really expounded upon enough. I mean if you know who Loki is you can just say “Well it’s because he loves mischief” but for the normal people who don’t read comic books and Norse religious sites all day it might have been nice to have some more exposition. But that would have detracted from Thor hamming it up for cameras and breaking coffee cups. And that was not sarcasm.

Oh, and also Hogun looked nothing like Hogun.  “Jacky Chan?” should have been “Genghis Khan.”

I greatly enjoyed Thor, it laid a very strong foundation that could support a franchise of movies. I am now worried that the Avengers film will mess up Thor continuity instead of the opposite. It was a great film to kick of the summer movie season and continues to support my hope for future superhero films.

1941: Return of the Sentinels part Two

We now rejoin our regularly scheduled adventure, already in progress…

The next day our heroes received a call from the local police regarding some unusualness about the four men they brought in. Turns out each man was a working man with no criminal history. Each man also claimed to have been working late at night and then had no knowledge of attempting to rob an armored car. The heroes got information off these men and decided to set up a trap, assuming the person behind it all would try again.

They managed to set up such a trap, allowing a new group of thugs to steal some cash from an armored car and follow it back to the base. Aviator nearly got messed up bad here as he tried to hold on to the bottom of the truck as it sped away. He was tossed from under the vehicle and into another…but he survived.

The heroes pursued the men to an old warehouse and quickly seized the day. Inside they found four more thugs and a tall African man dressed in a vest, top hat, and skull paint. He declared himself Papa Justify, master of voodoo! And then he commanded his men to attack.

Wildfire and Aviator took out the thugs while Impulse kept Justify off guard so Sentry could knock him out. Each member of the gang turned out to have been hypnotized by some unknown means and Justify was taken into custody.

Notes: Things went pretty well this time, and though the write up is short that is more due to faulty memory than actual game night content. Each player even got a measure of spotlight, though aviator’s was a spectacular failure…

Speaking of Aviator…his player got arrested so no more Aviator in the group. I will probably have him as an important NPC from here on out; Possibly assisting with the war effort or something.

Papa Justify went down too easily though, I built him tougher but a couple lucky rolls on the player side took him out pretty quick. I also messed up a bit on the thugs, but that was my own mistake. I basically had them keep attacking after Justify was out, which was what I wanted to happen but time restraints meant I had to cut that short…just minor narration flubbing…nothing major.

Game Day at the Library!

I was so excited this past Saturday because the local library was hosting another game day. This time there was to be super hero role-playing going on and I was so looking forward to gaming. I had been pimping this event out for a while, telling everyone I knew who was in a gaming group and posting flyers far and wide (seriously, I covered some distance with those flyers).

The turnout was decent, not what I had imagined but probably about as good as we need. The miniatures war game had a steady group and three of us, all from my group, showed up for supers gaming. We ended up using an older version of the DC heroes gaming system, it is primarily D6 based (which I love) and ran pretty smoothly. The only problem is that the GM simplified it so I can’t get a full grasp on how the real rules work (but I had fun, and that’s the important bit. Rules that eliminate fun must be eliminated). The other is that it ranks things in how many dice you roll, which normally works fine but when one of the heroes has a strength rating of 23 the math hit us pretty hard.

We were part of a government project to establish a super team in the Midwest (specifically Fawcett City). I played as the noble Aquaman (who loves being in the Midwest), with my friends taking on a character named Argent and Captain Atom. Initially our main goal was to go to the fair where one of the Marvel family would be accepting a key to the city. With our based in Fawcett city it was decided we should recruit a Marvel since they are Fawcett’s first family.

While there a big brute named Mammoth tried to start some trouble but two tractors and a hell of an arm bar later her gave up that plan. We then interrogated him and discovered a heist occurring at the local museum. We quickly headed off to intercept the trouble but upon landing there seemed to be nothing going on. I had Aquaman scout the area and he found nothing wrong; however the other characters just saw him standing there doing nothing, I had apparently fell into a trap.

Captain Atom decided to try a different approach and flew down stairs, resumed his normal identity, and knocked. An old security guard came to talk to him and soon had him hypnotized and helpless. The guard also used him a shield and quickly set up a trap for Mary Marvel by readying a magic bow. Argent decided trouble was on the way and went ahead inside the building where she was attacked by a third member.

We are the best team ever.

However, Atom managed to break the mental hold on him, reactivate his powers, and throw off the shot. The villain thus gave up, having nothing but mental trickery. Argent won her fight, though just barely. Aquaman broke free from his own hold, realizing that he was in the grip of ‘the shark’ this surprised the villain so much that he also surrendered. Aquaman knocked him unconscious. I don’t trust mental villains. We then found what they were looking for, got it to a safe place, and took the villains off to jail.

It was a good time.

I think the plan is to have a monthly meeting, the next one being at the end of March. I have offered to GM something and also I will be taking “Betrayal at House on the Hill.”