No RPG day!

There was no game update this weekend due to illness. While I normally like to believe that no mere flu can stop me from performing my duty as a GM I must admit that flu plus a snow storm does put a skip in my step.

That said I would like to post something here so as to have an update since I’m still on movie review hiatus. Also next Friday I have an event I must attend so there will be no gaming then.

It occurs to me that moments of great change are soon to occur. Currently I have six players. I could have eight, but most of us see the folly in that, and since the extra two realize how busy they are they have not gotten back into the gaming. You see they originally left due to pregnancy, leaving during the final month and then remaining away to focus on raising the baby. He’s a cute baby, so I approve.

This was not without precedent as I had lost a player before due to pregnancy. His wife needed him as the delivery date approached and he remained away for a bit to help during the early months. She’s a cute baby, so I approve.

Now another pair of my players has become pregnant. Well, not now; they have been pregnant for nearly eight months. I have simply been assuming things would go as they did in the other cases, but as the time draws closer a few bits of information are dawning. The house we game in belongs to one of them, so they really can’t leave us. Plus, we have never discussed this event. Plot wise it’s a decent time for a group separation, and character wise the two of them can be lifted out without disrupting narrative flow. But that’s of less importance then the fact that I should probably actually talk to them about this before it happens.

I mean how rude would it be to show up, plop down on the couch, eat some lasagna, and then say “hey, piss off, yer preggers.” Not that I would use such language, but I would eat such cuisine. Lasagna, not babies.

 Also I’m a floor kind of guy, so I don’t sit on the couch.


4 thoughts on “No RPG day!

  1. Your group needs to stop fucking and stop using the excuse of being pregnant. Three babies? We’ll see if the latest one is so cute.

    For serious, what will you do about gaming space? Was there a particular reason you used their house? Have you considered a public space, like the library, comic shop or what have you?

  2. She was our ‘Monica’, she likes to cook and entertain so going to her house made her happy and we got free food.

    We will probably start meeting at Jen’s. We’ve done so a couple of times for various reasons and it works well. It’s also one of the few places where I actually sit in a chair cause she has this little recliner that faces the couch and there is a small table right next to it. I feel like i’m on masterpiece theatre talking about super gorillas.

    I have considered the library, but we tend to game past when they want to close. Plus if we do anything that might border on BCK territory the library would probably take us to the secret sacrafice vault and flay us. For the children.

  3. I thought my library was the only one with the secret sacrificial chamber; mine was reserved that pronounced it “libarry”

    For your future GMing sessions, you need:
    -a pipe
    -a snifter with brandy / cognac
    -a smoking jacket
    -appropriate lighting

    And you should tape it. Masterpiece theatre!

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